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Wizards Unite Hub is building a registry of all Wizards Unite Youtubers! If you're an up and coming or an experienced Youtuber covering Harry Potter: Wizards Unite let us know by filling out this Google form!

We accept only Youtubers that respect the in-game Terms of Service and who publish family friendly content. Please include your info correctly - we get a metric ton of applications and the ones with missing info usually get skipped. At the time of submission, we will verify you. You need to have at least a few Wizards Unite related videos to be included.

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Yo! My name is Matt and I love Harry Potter and the Wizarding World more than pretty much anything. I've been so excited to...
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Mobile Gaming youtuber that has started out with Pokémon GO, with videos of up to 5 million views! Getting ready and excited for HPWU,...
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Gitta Lovegood

Hello, I’m Gitta Lovegood, formerly known as the Portkey Adventures. I knew as soon as Wizards Unite was announced that this would be perfect...
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GO Shiny Hunter

Mobile gaming Enthusiast! Looking to deliver content on mobile games. I aim to deliver tips and tricks on the newest games, competitions and where...
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Hey, I'm Martin, host of the German Harry Potter channel HerrKnüps. In collaboration with Warner Bros. I will introduce the AR mobile game Wizards...
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Content Creator for Star Citizen and the up and coming game for ingress Wizards Unite! I’ve been playing ingress games for 7 years now...
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Hi I'm Pocemon, AR Geolocation game enthusiast, huge Harry Potter and Jurassic Park fan, and content creator on YouTube for Wizards Unite and Jurassic...
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As a member of the WB Games' content creator program, I provide the most up-to-date information on Wizards Unite, insight into strategies, specialized game...
SlytherWin Youtuber


A cunning Slytherin, focused on exploring the world and creating social experiences for viewers. Enjoy finding videos including tips, tricks, and hints for all...
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Snitches & Witches

The adventures of a Slytherin playing “Harry Potter Wizards Unite” and learning about the game and the Wizarding World, all while having adventures in...
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Hello ladies and gentleman, I am Stormi a german youtuber focused on mobile games (especially Jurassic World Alive). I am a Fan of all...
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The Daily Dobby

Hello, I am Clay, a co-creator of The Daily Dobby. I live in a small, rural town in Indiana. Our channel is geared to...
The Final Wizard logo

The Final Wizard

I'm a huge Harry Potter & Wizarding world fan and I have created this channel to give you tips and advice for the game...
The Order podcast logo

The Order Podcast

The Order Podcast is a group that discusses the world of Harry Potter. Specifically updates and info on Wizards Unite.
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The Squibbler

As a big Harry Potter fan since a very young age, I've always wanted to be a part of the Wizarding World. I've read...
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The Wizards’ Guide

Hey there everyone, we are Mike (Hufflepuff!) and Brittany (Ravenclaw!), join our family on our crazy adventures as we uncover the secrets of the...
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Uniting Wizards

I’m a Ravenclaw covering Wizards Unite with tips and tricks from a small town in Sweden. And occasionally elsewhere in the world, as I...
Image of Brita, pink and sparkly witch of Harry Potter YouTube channel Witches Unite

Witches Unite

Bonjour, y'all! My name is Brita, and I'm the pink and sparkly witch behind Witches Unite. When I'm not editing the Hub, I dabble...
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Wizard Tricks

Building a community of Witches and Wizards! The adventure is here! Time to work together to do what all of us have dreamed of...
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Wizard Way Kris

My name is Kris. Just a bright-haired Muggle-born on a quest to become a great Wizard! Follow this channel for updates and (eventual) game...
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My name is Lynette. I teach muggles and go on wizarding adventures in the Tucson, Arizona area! WizardPhD is a channel that documents this...
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Wizards’ Council

To cover Harry Potter Wizards Unite events, content also gameplay of the beta and official lunch date
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I'm Nick and this is my real life Harry Potter adventure. I create family-friendly videos with Kayley that are primarily focused on the new...
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When you think XpectoGO, we hope you think "creative" and "informative." Pottermore sorted Sue into Gryffindor (although she sees herself as a Gryffinclaw), and...
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Zealman’s Wizarding World

Hey Magical Folk. On my channel, we cover Wizards Unite and Hogwarts Mystery. I have been playing Niantic Games such as Ingress and Pokémon...



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