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Fortress against a blue background with 5 wizarding icons

Team Strategy: 1 Professor, 2 Aurors, 2 Magizoologists

Wizarding Challenges (Fortress battles) are an integral part of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Besides being a fun aspect of the game that requires effective...

Day of the Dragons Review

Dragons have finally glided onto the horizons of witches and wizards around the world during the Day of the Dragons for the first time...

Day of the Dragons Tips & Tricks

Day of the Dragons is slowly rolling around the globe and we got some hot information from  the Oceanic region to help out! These...

Wizards Unite Adds a New Potion (and Other Updates)

Exciting news, witches and wizards! Fazes just announced a new update to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. The most exciting detail? Tonic for Trace Detection Potion, a...
Hogwarts Mystery mobile game

Hogwarts Mystery: What is new?

Are you wondering what’s going on in Hogwarts Mystery these days? Well, with many new features added the past few months, and a brand...

Day of the Dragons and Wizards Unite Global Challenge Rewards

Congratulations, Witches and Wizards! During the Wizards Unite Fan Festival and the Global Challenge, we have unlocked some very exciting rewards! These rewards include...

Wizards Unite Fan Festival: An Overview

The first Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Fan Festival had many expectations to live up to. Following the recent two successes of Go Fest 2018...



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