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Wizards Unite Gifting Screens

Wizards Unite Gift Guide

Gifts became part of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite near the end of 2019. Since then, Gifts have evolved in several ways. My gift to YOU...
Wizards Unite artwork depicting all Feared Adversaries

All Feared Adversaries Event – The Most Powerful Surge!

Witches and Wizards, Ready your wands for the battle as you confront a week-long surge of every Adversary we have faced so far in Harry...
July 2021 Wizards Unite Community Day artwork depicting a Fortress, Challenge Fragments, and the Knight Bus

Take the Knight Bus for Wizards Unite Community Day

UPDATE: Note that the HPWU team gave us incorrect information about Forest III and Portkeys. The WizHub team sent out updates quickly on Discord,...
Wizards Unite artwork with 4 Dragons, Dragon Eggs, and Portkeys

Guide to Dragonologists’ Delight in Wizards Unite

Dragons are BACK! Witches and wizards can expect 6 full magical days of Dragons, Dragon Eggs, and more in the upcoming event in Harry Potter:...
Infographic of updated July 2021 Wizards Unite calendar. All information covered in the blog post.

Dragons Return! July 2021 Wizards Unite Calendar

Witches and wizards, rejoice! July 2021 will bring a week-long Dragons event to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. And... it's possible that Lethal Adversaries are coming...
Artwork depicting Gilderoy Lockhart Adversary

Adversaries Guide: Gilderoy Lockhart

Wizards Unite Hub continues to partner with Plotter101 to create detailed Adversaries guides. Up next is Gilderoy Lockhart and his Guards -- a Common Pixie...
Wizards Unite artwork for Gilderoy Lockhart Adversary Event

Gilderoy Lockhart Adversaries Event is Pretty Obvious

June 2021 will include one final Adversaries Event in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite! This event features the infamously incompetent Gilderoy Lockhart, as well as...



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