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Crazy In Love Special Event Details!

Are you ready for the briefest update for an event in the history of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite?! Well look no further, because I...
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Wizards Unite could learn some lessons from Hogwarts Mystery

This is controversial, but I have been playing both Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery side by side for a while...

Love Is In the Air: February Events in Wizards Unite!

February in Wizards Unite is going to be MASSIVE. There are more events and special spawns happening throughout the majority of the month! This...

Book Night Event in Wizards Unite!

Get your fireproof robes dry-cleaned, witches and wizards, because Dragons are coming back to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite! In a brand new type of...

Brilliant Event Guide: Darkest of Times Week 2

This guide will focus on the second week of Darkest of Times, the conclusion of the first Brilliant Event of 2020! If you dig...
Wizards Unite Daily Update Analysis

Update 2.9.0: Adventure Sync and More!

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has just released a new update, Version 2.9.0. As with any new update, it should be noted that there are...
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Wizards Unite Changes Suggested by the Community Part 2

Hey everyone, this is sequel to yesterday's posts on Harry Potter: Wizards Unite changes most wanted by the community. This article deals with the...



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