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Wizards Unite Map Explained

A lot of us were wondering how will the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite map look like inside the game. Will it feature...

Niantic Says a 2018 Release for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Get excited, witches and wizards! Niantic has given us further information that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will release by the end of 2018! Watch...

Finish the Crest Challenges in Hogwarts Mystery with Time to Spare

Crest challenges appear to be a recurring thing in Hogwarts Mystery. We have had a number of them so far, and it seems reasonable...
Top Harry Potter quotes | Harry Potter books

15 Best Harry Potter Quotes to Relive the Magic

Today is a magical day in both the wizarding world and the Muggle world. Harry Potter celebrates his 38th birthday while J.K. Rowling celebrates...

Niantic’s Acquisitions and Their Developments

Following a recent blog post by Niantic detailing some of its future Augmented Reality projects, let's look at their acquisitions and how they may affect...
Niantic is developing new Augmented Reality features that could impact the gameplay of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.video

How Will Niantic’s New AR Features Affect Harry Potter: Wizards Unite?

Known for their popular games Ingress and Pokémon GO, Niantic is also developing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. They recently shared a blog post giving...
John Hanke Niantic Wizards Unite

Will Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Launch in 2019?

Neither Niantic nor Portkey Games has confirmed a Harry Potter: Wizards Unite release date. However, a few interviews with Niantic CEO John Hanke imply...



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