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Wizards Unite Daily Rewards

The Diagon Alley

Wizards Unite has an in-game micro-transaction store called the Diagon Alley in which you can buy certain items with Gold. You can earn gold...
Niantic and Samsung deal goes forward, with Wizards Unite coming to Galaxy App Store

Niantic Games Arrive to Samsung’s Galaxy Store

Niantic and Samsung are taking a second step in their recently announced partnership deal - Pokemon GO, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and Ingress Prime...
Wizards Unite Player Profile

Wizards Unite Beginners Guide

Are you looking for a beginner's guide to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite? You've come to the right place.The Wizarding World is at risk of...
Wizards Unite Portkeys

Portmanteaus and Portkeys

A Portmanteau in Wizards Unite is a special item that needs to be "walked" in order to unlock - very similar to Pokémon GO...
Wizards Unite Fortress


A Fortress in Wizards Unite is a 5-person dungeon scenario that requires a Runestone to enter. Players are required to group up, bring different...
Wizards Unite Inns


Wizards Unite Inns are special Map locations where you can recharge your Spell Energy by obtaining food. Various types of food restore different quantities...
Wizards Unite Professions

Quick Tips About Wizards Unite Profession Skill Trees

If you haven't already, check out my previous article Which Profession to Choose in Wizards Unite. Once you reach level 6 in Harry Potter:...



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