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How to Recover From a Fortress Error

For many witches and wizards, Wizarding Challenges are one of the most exciting game aspects of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. There's nothing quite like...
Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

Harry Potter Magic Awakened: Everything You Need to Know

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is a new Harry Potter Card game developed by Warner Brothers and NetEase. The game is coming to Android and...
Portkey Games

New Harry Potter Mobile Game Officially Announced

Get excited witches and wizards! A brand-new Harry Potter mobile game is in the works. Harry Potter: Magic Awakened will be an RPG card game...

Make-Up October Community Day For UTC+13 and UTC+12 Time Zones

Niantic has just shared the details on a make-up October Community Day for UTC+13 and UTC+12 Time Zones. Due to issues during last weekend's...
Dark Ministry Official, Basilisk, Dark Witch in Wizards Unite

Harrowing Halloween Event Details!

Fazes of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite just dropped all the exciting new details about the upcoming Harrowing Halloween Event! The HPWU team has been...
Harry Potter Wizards Unite

The Story of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Before Harry Potter: Wizards Unite was launched, we were promised that it was going to have a “deep, multi-year narrative arc.” Me and many...
Wizards Unite Daily Update Analysis

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite 2.5.0 Update Continued

The official release of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite 2.5.0 Update is here. Below you will see the official patch notes as well as new...



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