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[Speculation] Could Codename Neon actually become dueling in Wizards Unite?

Relatively recently, Niantic showcased a new AR technology they have been working on. At a technology summit in Japan they showed off numerous projects...
Wizards Unite Threat Clock

Exploring the mysterious Exposure Threat Clock on the Wizards Unite official website

Recently, a number of wizards on our Discord server reported that the magical exposure clock featured on the Wizards Unite official website has changed...
Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Wizards Unite Hub reaches 6000 followers on Facebook and Twitter!

....and it happened. With no game, with a limited amount of news and an unlimited amount of enthusiasts and supporters, we've somehow managed to...
Statue of Secrecy Task Force

Teaser Trailer Breakthrough! Story Line of the Game Exposed?!

Wizards and Witches! Thanks to two incredible YouTubers, Pocemon and PokeFodderYT, we may have done our first breakthrough in the analysis of the recent...

Wizards Unite First Official Teaser Trailer: Trailer Analysis and Breakdown

Wizards and witches around the world, this is a huge day for the Harry Potter community! The first official teaser trailer for Harry Potter:...
Wizards Unite Hub

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite release date confirmed for 2019

Wizards, Pottermore, the official J.K. Rowling all-things-Harry-Potter website has confirmed that Wizards Unite will be released in 2019. Niantic has often shared that a...
Wizards Unite logo

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Official Social Media Accounts have Just Updated Their Logo!

Witches and wizards around the globe, rejoice! After almost a year of silence, inactivity and complete lack of newsworthy information, Niantic and Warner Bros....

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