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First Look at Wizards Unite Store Items: Best Items to buy with real money

Wizards Unite Daily Rewards

Wizards Unite has an in-game micro-transaction store called the Diagon Alley in which you can buy certain items with Gold. You can earn gold buy leveling up or you can buy it from Gringotts in Diagon Alley. Please note that you do NOT need to buy anything to achieve progress in Wizards Unite. However, if you would like to purchase items, they can certainly help step up your progress. Let’s take a look at what’s available and how to utilize the most out of every item.


Please also note that the marketplace is subject to change at any time, as well as the prices.

Store items and bundles

The Diagon Alley store is organized into several categories and often features sales in the form of item bundles. At the time of writing this article, we went through the entire store to get a better understanding of how in-store categories and sales work.

Featured items

Featured items section often holds bundles with the best value for money you can get. Bundles such as Vault Extensions are an excellent future investment and a worth spend of real money.

Featured items in the Wizards Unite shop
S.O.S Kit (Cost: 460 Gold)
Exstimulo Crate (Cost: 850 Gold)
Potion Variety Crate (Cost: 850 Gold)
Vault Extensions (Cost: 475 Gold)
  • x10 Spell Energy Capacity
  • x30 Ingredients Capacity
  • x10 Potion Capacity
+3 Dark Detectors (Cost: 350 Gold)
+4 Silver Keys (Cost: 350 Gold)
+15 Baruffio’s Brain Elixir (Cost: 1350 Gold)
+15 Dark Detectors (Cost: 1600)


Wiseacres store section is where you can purchase Dark Detectors, Runestones and Silver Keys. Spell Energy and Spell Energy Capacity is also sold here. Spell Energy is consumed in Fortresses.

Items on sale at Wiseacres
Bag of Runestones (Cost: 40 Gold)
  • x1 LVL 1 Care of Magical Creatures Runestone
  • x1 LVL 1 Dark Arts Runestone
  • x1 LVL 1 Hogwarts School Runestone
  • x1 LVL 1 Legends of Hogwarts Runestone
  • x1 LVL 1 Magical Games and Sports Runestone
  • x1 LVL 1 Magizoology Runestone
  • x1 LVL 1 Ministry of Magic Runestone
  • x1 LVL 1 Mysterious Artifacts Runestone
  • x1 LVL 1 Oddities Runestone
  • x1 LVL 1 Wonders of The Wizarding World Runestone
Dark Detector (Cost: 120 Gold)
Silver Key (Cost: 90 Gold)
+50 Spell Energy (Cost: 100 Gold)
+10 Spell Energy Capacity (Cost: 150 Gold)

Slug & Jiggers

Ah, Slug & Jiggers. The fabled Potions section of the in-game store, sells various Potions and capacity extensions. We’re quite sure that the Ingredients Capacity increase will be a popular purchase.

Items on sale at Slug & Jiggers
+10 Potions Capacity (Cost: 200 Gold)
+10 Ingredients Capacity (Cost: 150 Gold)
x1 Baruffio’s Brain Elixir (Cost: 100 Gold)
x1 Healing Potion (Cost: 25 Gold)
x1 Exstimulo Potion (Cost: 50 Gold)
x1 Strong Exstimulo Potion (Cost: 75 Gold)
x1 Potent Exstimulo Potion (Cost: 100 Gold)


The only purpose of Gringotts is to exchange real world money into Gold. More expensive bundles give progressively more Gold per dollar spent, which means it is better to buy one large bundle rather than several small ones.

Gringotts real money to gold conversion table
Bundle Gold Cost Gold per dollar
Handful of Gold +80 Gold $0.99 80
Pocketful of Gold +425 Gold $4.99 85
Pile of Gold +875 Gold $9.99 87.5
Trunk of Gold +1850 Gold $19.99 92.5
Chest of Gold +4750 Gold $49.99 95
Vault of Gold +10000 Gold $99.99 100

*Prices shown are calculated in USD*

What do these items do?

  • Dark Detector: Place a Dark Detector on an Inn to reveal rare traces for 30m
  • Silver Key: Use Silver Keys to unlock Portkey Portmanteau
  • Baruffio’s Brain Elixir: Grants you double XP for each trace and Portkey you complete
  • Exstimulo Potion Family: Improves your spell casting in both combat and traces
  • Ingredients Capacity: Increases Ingredients carrying space in your bag by 30
  • Potions Capacity: Increases Potion carrying space in your bag by 10
  • Spell Energy Capacity: Increases Spell Energy Capacity by 10
  • Bag of Runestones: Runestones let you enter Fortresses. The level of your Fortress depends on the Runestones your group entered

Prioritizing In-Game Items

Best items for faster leveling

Baruffio’s Brain Elixir

Double XP for 30 minutes is going to be extremely important here. Use these elixirs when you have a Dark Detector going, or when you plan to conquer Fortresses back to back for 30 minutes. Make sure you have your Portkey Portmanteaus unlocked and ready to open before you pop a Brain Elixir.

Dark Detectors

When you’re in an area with a bunch of Inns, use your Dark Detectors. These last for 30 minutes as well, and will synergize with your Brain Elixir. Not only that, but these will help you fill your registry even quicker while earning you XP.

Item Capacity

Spell, Energy, and Ingredients capacity aren’t needed at first, but if you plan on ‘power leveling’ your wizard, it’ll greatly help you the more space you have. The less you need to clean out your inventory from being maxed out; the more time you’ll have to complete traces and conquer Fortresses. This will benefit you greatly time management wise.

Best items for Rural Players

If you’re a rural player, the only thing you’ll need to really focus on is Spell Energy Capacity. You won’t have as many Inns, Greenhouses, or Fortresses. If you don’t plan on going into the city to play often, then you’ll need to buy spell capacity, then buy spell energy pretty often. These are the only two items I would worry about buying from the marketplace if I played rural.

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