List of Foundables Available Exclusively in Fortress Challenges

Wizards Unite Fortress Illustration

The following Foundables can be found only by completing Fortress Challenges with an appropriate Runestone. Runestone type determines the type of reward you can get from completing the Challenge. Data collected by SerMorahJormont (/r/harrypotterwu).


Care of Magical Creatures

Puffskein Hagrid’s Hut Abraxan Winged Horse

Dark Arts

Knockturn Alley Sign Tom Riddle Sr.’s Gravestone Magic is Might Statue

Hogwarts School

Hogwarts House Cup House Hourglasses Owl Lecturn

Legends of Hogwarts

Flying Key Wizard Chess Queen Half-Blood Prince’s Copy of Advanced Potion Making

Ministry of Magic

Fountain of Magical Brethren


Murtlap Thunderbird Occamy

Magical Games and Sports

Quidditch Pitch Stands

Mysterious Artefacts

Sword of Gryffindor

Wonders of the Wizarding World



Centaur Bow Horned Serpent Egg


Brilliant Young Acromantula
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Nathan Earl
Nathan Earl
2 years ago

This page needs to be updated. Cursed Opal Necklace isn’t on here neither is the new Quidditch through the Ages book. Wonders – Hogwarts Express Engine & The Knight Bus… possibly others i am missing