Wizards Unite Inns
Wizards Unite Inns

Wizards Unite Inns are special Map locations where you can recharge your Spell Energy by obtaining food. Various types of food restore different quantities of Spell Energy, and the availability of food you receive can be determined by particular features of the Inn, like the appearance of their rooftops. Inns have a 5 minute cooldown before they can drop loot again. Inns that are under cooldown feature a smoking chimney.

There are five types of Inns, each of which is available in areas of different inn density. Inns with better rewards give more food and food with higher Energy replenishment:


Inn Types Wizards Unite


Types of Inns
Inn Description
Bed and Breakfast (Green) Rural areas, best rewards
Restaurant (Purple) City areas
Cafe (Blue) Mixed areas
Pub (Brown) Mixed areas
Teashop (Pink) Mixed areas, low rewards

In order to get food from an Inn, you need to enter it, trace the glyph and bring one of the dishes towards you. The dish will open up to reveal which Food you summoned and your Spell Energy will be automatically refilled.

Wizards Unite Inn
Wizards Unite Inn

Different food gives different amount of Spell Energy, as shown in the table below:

Food that drops from Inns in Wizards Unite
Food Energy
Afternoon Tea 3
Bangers and Mash 5
Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans 3
Butterbeer 7
Fish and Chips 6
Honeyduke’s Chocolate Bar 6
Pumpkin Juice 3
Tomato Soup 3
Turkey Dinner
(Chicken Dinner in some regions)

Dark Detectors

In addition to giving Spell Energy restoring items, Inns can be used to place Dark Detectors. Dark Detectors can be placed in an Amplifier to reveal higher-threat Traces around an Inn for 30 minutes. There can be up to 3 Dark Detectors active at an Inn, each must be placed by a different player.

Placing a Dark Detector will increase the “detection” gauge:

  • Empty: 0 Detectors
  • Low: 1 Detectors
  • Medium: 2 Detectors
  • High: 3 Detectors

In-game official description: The ministry have re-purposed Dark Detectors, attuning them to locate hard-to-find Traces. Active Dark Detectors reveal Traces you wouldn’t normally see in the area around the Inn. Activate multiple Dark Detectors to reveal higher-severity Traces. Using three together may even reveal Severe and Emergency level Foundables.

Inn Charms

Introduced with the new SOS Training in July 2020, the Inn Charm is one of three new Field Charms.

Cast Tribuomnus, the Inn Charm, on Inns to generate Spell Energy on the Map. As you level up this skill you can not only increase the amount of Spell Energy generated on the Map, but also boost the Spell Energy attainable when dining at the targeted Inn.

After casting, the Inn will emit a twinkling effect. Inn Charm effects are shareable with others, and nearby players can receive the same benefits as those who cast them.

To use Field Charms, including the Inn Charm, you’ll need to accumulate charges. Field Charm Charges are spell resources needed to cast a Field Charm. You can earn more charges by completing daily tasks. You can also invest in other SOS Training Lessons to expand the number of charges you can hold at any given time.




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Joy Ng
Joy Ng(@joyng)
2 years ago

I think it’s possible to put activate multiple dark detectors by a single player. Just did that

Alissande S
Alissande S(@alissandes)
2 years ago
Reply to  Joy Ng

I’ve been doing that for a while. There does seem to be a bit of a problem since the update, though. When it first released in the US, they would show several (at least 5) higher threat level traces after I placed three dark detectors by myself. After this update, I’m able to place them but they only show 1 or 2 higher threat level traces now. I was thinking it was a bug, but maybe it’s because I placed all 3 detectors myself?

Ina Pčelina
Ina Pčelina(@inapcelina)
2 years ago

Hello, why Inn near me has disappeared? There also was a greenhouse nearby, that has disappeared earlier before. How to recover?

1 year ago

Pumpkin Juice, Fish and Chips, and Butterbeer are all available from Bed and Breakfast Inns (the green ones). As of August 20, 2020. I’m positive that at least Pumpkin Juice was added before COVID-19, because I was always disappointed when I received it, even in October of 2019. The graphic from June 23, 2019 does not properly display this.