Wizards Unite Foundables
Wizards Unite Foundables

Foundables are special encounters on the Wizards Unite map, unearthed by The Calamity from various timelines of the Wizarding World. Foundables can be magical creatures, memories and items. They are guarded by a Cofoundable spell that the player needs to defeat. You can interact with a Foundable by using your Map to reveal its trace and by walking to its location. You can see all available Foundables here: List of all Foundables.

The encounter begins by lining up an AR reticule to lock on to the target, and then requires you to copy a series of spell-casting movements. Foundables vary in difficulty and type. Different Foundables come with different Confoudanble challenges:

  • For a Hippogriff, the Counfoundable is a ball-and-chain shackling the beast, which you must trace a spell over with your finger to break.
  • For a Dementor, the Confoundable is to cast a Patronus spell and chase it away
  • For a Demiguise, the Confoundable is cast Alohomora to free it from chains

Foundables are collected and stored in a Registry (Pokedex-like collection feature). Completing Foundables rewards stickers that can be tracked in the game Registry and magical runes that are used in Fortresses. Your Registry has following “pages”:

    • Care of Magical Creatures
    • Dark Arts
    • Hogwarts School
    • Legends of Hogwarts
    • Ministry of Magic
    • Magizoology
    • Magical Games and Sports
    • Mysterious Artifacts
    • Wonders of the Wizarding World
    • Oddities

Foundable spawns

Foundable spawns follow a similar mechanic to Pokemon GO spawns. They are semi-random encounters that pop up on the overworld map. Some Foundables will more likely spawn near various types of Landmarks, real-world locations including parks, banks, municipal buildings, college campuses, libraries, monuments, zoos, art galleries, and more. Areas under the influence of a Landmark are outlined on the map.

Foundable spawns are influenced by weather, time of day, biome and moon phase. For example, Werewolves can only be found during full moon. Each Foundable is displayed on the map with a visible marker (blue paw hints that it’s a Care of Magical Creatures Foundable, aka a magical Creature).

Landmark influence border
Landmark influence border

There should be around 100 Foundables when the game launches. Some Foundables are only available during the night, under particular weather and some are even tied to moon phases (example: Werewolf can only be encountered during full moon)

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Dr. Wolfgang
Dr. Wolfgang(@jonathanbetke)
2 years ago

What does the Golden light from above a confoundable marker mean?

2 years ago
Reply to  Dr. Wolfgang

Medium threat, I believe.