A Fortress in Wizards Unite is a 5 man dungeon scenario that requires a Runestone to enter. Players are required to group up, bring different classes and progress through Fortress floors. Higher floors give better rewards, but are also more difficult to complete.

Fortress Runestones can be obtained via Foundable encounters, as well as other sources soon to be revealed in-game. Fortresses are shown on your map as a castle. By walking close enough to the Fortress castle, you can interact with it. At this time, it is not clear how long the lobby wait time is if any.

Fortress, compass and weather icons
Fortress, compass and weather icons

You might be asking yourself how exactly Fortresses work. What exactly are they? I’ll be more than happy to be your tour guide throughout this Fortress wiki article! Let’s see what we know about them:

Real-time multiplayer Player vs Enemy battles
This means that we’ll be going against AI instead of going against each other. We do know that the difficulty of enemies will increase with each floor.

Fortresses feature various floors / rooms filled with different enemies
The first floor will be easy, and the floors will begin getting more difficult the further upwards that you progress. Clear all the floors and monsters in time, and you will defeat the Fortress.

Players will choose either Aurors, Magizoologists, or Professors
All three professions will be beneficial to have in the same group. Remember, you can have 5 people in a Fortress with you. These professions are explained in detail, in the Professions wiki. We know the Aurors are strong suited in spells. They’re ultimately the DPS profession of Wizards Unite. Magizoologist is described as being the tank profession of Wizards Unite. We don’t know much yet about the Professor, other than it being lead by Professor McGonagall.

Each player picks an enemy on a Fortress floor in which he / she will fight against
In order to beat the Fortress, you must take out all of the enemies. To do this, each person in your group will pick an enemy to fight against. Each profession will be stronger against certain enemies. We’ll update this area more as we find out which professions are superior to which enemies.

If time runs out, you will lose the Fortress. If you are defeated, you will lose
As we have seen in the predecessor to Wizards Unite, you most definitely can run out of time. If this is the case, you will lost the Fortress and be removed. At this time, it is unclear whether or not you will lose your Runestone or not. This being said, if your whole group gets knocked out, you will also lose the Fortress.

Rewards as well as difficulty increase as you progress each floor
We do not yet know what the rewards are for completing Fortresses, or progressing floors. We will update this with more information as we discover it. We do know that with each floor you progress, the difficulty will increase. You will unlock rewards for progressing and beating the Fortress.

For updates involving Fortresses, please feel free to bookmark this page, as it will be updated as more verified information becomes available.