Brilliant Events

Brilliant Events in Wizards Unite
Brilliant Events in Wizards Unite

Brilliant Events are limited-time events in Wizards Unite that feature a unique Registry Page, Brilliant Foundables, and Special Assignments. Your objective is to complete Special Assignments and return Brilliant Foundables before the event ends. By doing so, you will receive exclusive rewards for your brilliant achievements.

Each Brilliant event comes with Special Assignments provided by the Ministry during the event. Unlike Daily Assignments, the event tasks don’t reset daily – you can complete them during the event duration. As you complete the Assignments, new tasks will become available, amount to a hefty reward at the end.


As you return more and more Brilliant Foundables, you’ll earn Family XP to increase Family ranks and unlock Treasure Trunks. What’s locked inside of these Treasure Trunks is a Brilliant Runestone that you can consume at Fortress locations on the Map, and may lead you to other Brilliant Foundables. The type of Brilliant Runestone determines the Registry reward you may receive. For example, when you use a Fantastic Flora and Fauna Runestone, you may collect a Fantastic Flora and Fauna reward. Note that you are not always guaranteed a Brilliant reward.

List of Brilliant Foundables

Foundable Registry Page Fragments to Unlock
Brilliant Buckbeak Brilliant Forbidden Forest 10
Brilliant Salamander Brilliant Forbidden Forest 1
Brilliant Scorched Tree Stump Brilliant Forbidden Forest 1
Brilliant Snargaluff Brilliant Forbidden Forest 3
Brilliant Unicorn Brilliant Forbidden Forest 12
Brilliant Young Acromantula Brilliant Forbidden Forest 3

List of Brilliant Events in Wizards Unite

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Ashley Lipa
Ashley Lipa
2 years ago

Now that it’s not in Beta anymore can US/UK get in on the fun? 😀

Chris Mayer
Chris Mayer
2 years ago

I want to partake in a brilliant event. I need the books you can only get from them so I can further my learning.