The Auror is a combat-oriented class in Wizards Unite, led by Harry Potter and symbolized by two crossed wands. Aurors specialize in dealing damage, casting spells, dealing with Dark Arts, and defeating Dark Wizards. Unlocking skills in the Auror skill tree provides players with passive stat bonuses, new spells, and new abilities.

Auror Skill Tree

In order to unlock a node in the skill tree you need to spend tokens. You acquire tokens you earn from encounters, leveling, and challenges, so you get a steady trickle. Some nodes cost more tokens than others (pay attention to lines in the outer circle, some circles are split into two, some into three slices):

Different skill costs in the Auror skill tree
Different skill costs in the Auror skill tree

Niantic has revealed a part of Auror’s skill tree and stats in their first look reveal of the game’s systems:

Auror sigil (vectorized)
Auror sigil (vectorized)

The first bundle of unlockable skills is called “Defense Against The Dark Arts,” or DADA for short. Current speculation suggests that white circles represent common passive stat bonuses, red circles represent large passive bonuses, and golden circles represent new spells and special abilities (class perks). Although it is far too early to guess the exact role and implications of each passive buff, we can make an educated guess based on the images above:

  • Stamina – increases your health pool
  • Power – increases the amount of damage your spells do
  • Protego Power – increases the amount of damage absorbed by your Protego spell
  • Precision – increases your chance to land a spell
  • Critical Power – increases the damage your critical spell strikes deal
  • Proficiency Power and Defense – unclear
  • Defense – passive amount of damage reduction

Protego is a spell featured in various gameplay clips and it seems that Aurors can buff its efficiency using their talent tree skill unlocks.