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It’s been less than a week since Harry Potter: Wizards Unite released the Knight Bus function to players. By taking the Knight Bus, you can access a Fortress at Hogwarts and do Wizarding Challenges from the comfort of your home!

Wizards Unite Hub has already published multiple guides on Fortresses and Wizarding Challenges, which you can find below. This week, we will continue to publish updated tips and tricks for doing Wizarding Challenges, as well as advice specific to the new Wizards Unite Knight Bus.


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Wizards Unite Knight Bus Overview

The beginning of this video creatively demonstrates how the Knight Bus feature works!

Taking the Knight Bus to Hogwarts is pretty simple.

If you have reached Level 7, a Knight Bus icon will appear on the top right of your screen. Tap it. Confirm you want to take the Knight Bus. The inside of a Fortress will appear!

This looks just like any other Fortress you’ve entered before. You can see all the Chambers you’ve unlocked. You can also see if other players are waiting in a particular Chamber lobby to do group Wizarding Challenges.

The Hogwarts Fortress will also work just like any other (non-sponsored) Fortress. Choose your Chamber, select a Runestone, and either wait out the timer or hit the Start/Join button. If you successfully complete the Wizarding Challenge, the rewards will be the same as usual.

Wizards Unite Knight Bus FAQs

I’m constantly monitoring the WizHub social media accounts for Wizards Unite player feedback. These are the questions I’ve seen the most. If you have an additional question, please ask it in the comments, and I’ll do my best to update the post.

How do I solo a Wizarding Challenge via the Knight Bus?

To solo a remote Wizarding Challenge, you need to choose a Fortress Chamber that is empty. Then you need to choose a Runestone quickly. Finally, you need to hit the Start button immediately.

If you are not fast enough with your actions, another player might join you. If you really want to solo the Wizarding Challenge, back out, and begin the process again.

How can I be a better teammate in Wizarding Challenges?

Many players around the world are doing Wizarding Challenges with groups for the first time thanks to the new Knight Bus feature in Wizards Unite. This is great for everyone, but completing Wizarding Challenges with teammates is completely different than soloing Fortress battles.

We already have some beginners’ guides based on profession, but these were written with the assumption that players haven’t maxed out their profession yet.

The WizHub team is working on more guides to help players perform their best. For now, you should follow two key points of advice, no matter your profession.

  1. Use your Strategic Spells! Don’t just sit on a pile of Focus. Aurors, pass Focus to your teammates after casting your Hexes.
  2. Prioritize Foes that you are PROFICIENT against. These are indicated by the little green arrow. Once those are done, fight Foes you are neutral against. If possible, avoid Foes you are deficient against (red arrow). Each profession has its own proficiencies and deficiencies, so it’s important to take the neutral Foes if you’ve already defeated all the proficient Foes.

Can I do a Wizarding Challenge with friends via the Knight Bus?

Right now, there is not an in-game function to take the Knight Bus with friends and coordinate a Wizarding Challenge. However, players have discovered a hack to do remote Wizarding Challenges with friends! It does require a great deal of patience, and it might require a great deal of time.

First of all, you can occasionally run into friends in the Hogwarts Fortress. Orange Wizard has shared what the Fortress Chamber will look like if a friend is there.

This reddit thread explains how to find friends in the Knight Bus. We’ll also write out a detailed guide sometime this week. You can also watch this video by XpectoGO.

What should I do if I get an error in the middle of a Wizarding Challenge?

Force restart the Wizards Unite app. Do NOT hit the restart button! We have a full guide on how to recover from a Fortress error.

How do I share Knight Bus feedback?

You have a few options for providing Wizards Unite Knight Bus feedback.

One, respond to this tweet. I’m monitoring responses and sharing summaries with Fazes.

Two, join the WizHub Discord server and leave feedback in the Knight Bus Feedback channel.

Three, leave a comment on this article.

What can we do about freeloaders?

First of all, keep in mind the numerous bugs and errors going on right now. The Wizards Unite Knight Bus is a new feature. While it works pretty well, multiple players are experiencing issues.

For example, some players are experiencing lag. They’re still sitting in the Lobby, assuming another player hasn’t hit the Join button, when in reality the rest of the team is already in the Chamber, fighting Foes! You see a player not doing anything while that player thinks the battle hasn’t even started yet.

Other players have the Fortress error as indicated above. If they’re trying to get back into the Wizarding Challenge, it can take multiple instances of force restarting the game before they can resume battle.

Finally, there are true freeloaders, who join a Wizarding Challenge and don’t contribute at all. This is frustrating. The HPWU developers are aware of this problem. Hopefully they are trying to figure out a solution. I am not a game developer, so I don’t know how big of a challenge it is to differentiate between players experiencing bugs and players being lazy.

Connect with us on social media for the most up-to-date Wizards Unite news! This is also the best way to keep up with new articles and strategy guides as we always post those across all platforms.

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Melissa Oswald
Melissa Oswald
1 year ago

I’d love it if they’d put the daily task of completing one challenge back. I’m tired of pink potions every day.

Overall, my experiences have been great with the Knight Bus so far! It’s fun to finally be able to play with other people, and I’m fortunate I haven’t encountered any freeloaders yet.

Mateja Vrban
Mateja Vrban
1 year ago

I love the bus, I hope it stays.