Top 10 SOS Training Skills for Beginners in Wizards Unite


Today, we are going to dive into the Top Ten Best SOS Training Skills for Beginners in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite!

I’d say I’m a very experienced Wizards Unite player. I’ve been playing Wizards Unite from Day 0, but when I saw the nodes for the new SOS Training Skill Trees, even I was more than a little bit overwhelmed.


New Currencies, new skills, new modifiers; the game is working its way closer and closer to a traditional RPG.

If I’m overwhelmed, you as a new player, without a maxed-out profession, you could take one look at this and run for the hills.

Not to worry! Today we are going to walk through those skill nodes and figure out what skills will be best for you as a beginner in Wizards Unite.

A Brief Overvew of SOS Training

Harry Potter Wizards Unite SOS Training OverviewThis group of skill trees is different from your Profession skill tree. Your Profession only affects your gameplay during a Wizarding Challenge. If you need an overview of the Professions and their Trees, check out THIS article.

SOS Training affects your overall gameplay, including:

  • Potion brewing
  • the strength of spell casts
  • departure rate
  • Wizarding Challenges
  • your appraisal level

Your SOS Appraisal tells others how far along you are in your SOS skill tree and gives you a tangible idea of your progress through the game. As you unlock more and more nodes, the number will steadily grow larger as it becomes easier to return Traces, they depart less frequently, and your Potions have a little more oomph with less effort. 

I’ll walk you through the nodes step by step. Keep in mind, that you’ll have to unlock some nodes that aren’t on this list to get to the nodes you need. It might feel like a waste of resources, but there are boosts everywhere you look! So don’t sweat spending a few books on your progress!

1) Pario Vestigius

Base Trace Charm

Calamity Essentials- Level 5Wizards Unite SOS Training Pario Vestigus

When you cast the Trace Charm, it begins to spawn additional Traces nearby on your Map. This works very similarly to the Trace Detection Tonic, in that these Traces only show up for the player who cast this Charm. 

The Trace Charm, as you unlock more and more nodes, also will give you more Fragments and Family XP bonuses. It will also reveal rare Traces.

Luckily this Charm unlocks automatically for all players at Level 5 and above. There’s no cost for this skill!

By using the Trace Charm, you can farm more Traces for Field Guides and Ministry Manuals. More rare Traces will give you more and more Currencies!

Don’t be afraid to experiment with it right off the bat. 

2) Engarde!

Base Exstimulo Potion Trace Effect

Calamity Essentials- Level 5SOS Training Engarde

Exstimulo Potions are your bread and butter in Wizards Unite. They help you in returning Traces and defeating Foes in Wizarding Challenges. Even the basic Esxtimulo Potion is a powerful boost to your magic. 

This node cranks that dial up to eleven.

Engarde, in particular, has two levels to crank up and the nodes affect how your Exstimulo works on the Map and in Wizarding Challenges as well! 

Though 6% (if you upgrade both levels of the node) feels like not a ton more, unlocking this node will stack as you unlock future nodes. Plus, prioritizing your Exstimulo Potions will increase your gameplay overall!

3) Start A Movement

Barrufio’s Brain Elixir XP Increase

Calamity Essentials Level 6Wizards Unite SOS Training Start a Movement

Barrufio’s Brain Elixirs are another one of those staple Potions in your suitcase. I usually put one on to brew, if I have the supplies, every night before I go to bed. That way, my stock is always full of the beautiful green tonic whenever Community Day rolls around, and it’s time to do some hard-core grinding! 

Even if you’re not a hard-core player, having a couple on hand at all times will let you feel like the short amount of time you’ve played feels like it was best spent! 

My Bonus tip with Barrufio’s: pop one before you open Gifts, and before you open Portkeys. If you do both in one big batch, and then use up the Potion’s remaining time to grind out a few Foundables on your Map, you will be amazed at how much XP you can gain in that short 30 minutes! Free tip for being a careful reader! 

The two levels of Start a Movement will give you 10 whole percent MORE XP when your Barrufio’s Brain Elixir is running! If you’re working on grinding out the Wizarding Levels, that delicious 10 percent will allow you to push through those first ten levels in no time!

4) Tribuomnus

Base Inn CharmSOS Training Tribuomnus

Calamity Essentials I- Level 7

Once you reach Level 7, the Inn Charm will become available for you to snag! It’s another skill that unlocks automatically at no cost to you.

This handy Field Charm allows the player to cast it on a nearby Inn. It will begin to spawn extra Spell Energy on the Map, as well as increase the chances of rare foods being served at that Inn.

While the first node might not feel like a huge increase, it’s free! If you have easy access to Inns, start casting this Charm daily. 

5) Constructive Criticism

Trace Charm Upgrade

Calamity Essentials- Level 8Wizards Unite SOS Training Constructive Criticism

After you’ve used the Trace Charm a couple of times, you’ll probably get a tad bit addicted and wish you could cast it more often. Once you reach this node, you have that chance!

Prioritizing getting more Traces will allow you to continue farming and grinding out those books. Remember, returning Foundables gives you Field Guides, and placing stickers in your Registry gives you Ministry Manuals! The more you place and return, the more you get!

6) Knowledge is Power

Trace Charm Rarity Increase

Calamity Essentials- Level 8

The rarer the Trace, the more rewards you get from it! Family XP, Wizarding XP, Field Guides: they are all increased if you return a rare Trace!

How do you get those rarer Traces? You can either camp out at an Inn with all three Dark Detector Slots loaded, use a Trace Detection Tonic, and maybe even perform your own summoning ritual.

Or… a better solution would be to upgrade this node on the skill tree and cast it at a high-level Trace! Choose a yellow beam or higher, so that you start getting more and more Traces on your Map with higher rewards.

7) Swish and Flick

Spell Mastery IncreaseSwish and Flick SOS Training Wizards Unite

Calamity Essentials I- Level 8

Up to this point, most of the Spell Mastery Nodes have unlocked automatically with each new level. No cost for Confoundable Collation at Level 4 or Leap Into Action at Level 6.

However, this is a new node in the middle of the Level 8 Tree. And the question is… is it worth upgrading?

Okay… well… I’ve already spoiled it because it’s next on this list… so… I’m gonna say… yes?

I kid. But for real, the Spell Mastery nodes are super-amazing!

Tap on the little wizard tab on the top left of your screen. This will bring you to your appraisal and training overview. Scroll down to the section labeled “Primary Skillset Appraisal.”

There are only TWO skills here, General Spell Mastery and Departure Denial. I know I’ve been sinking more and more books into these nodes, and I’ve seen some very good benefits!

These nodes also have a high effect on your Appraisal level, which is the number used to tell others how far along you are in your training!

General Spell Mastery also increases how effective your spells are when you cast them against Foundables on the Map. So when you cast a spell, it will hopefully work better so you can return the Foundable. Once again, granting you more books and rewards so you can keep upgrading the best nodes!

SOS Training Brunch or Linner Wizards Unite8) Brunch or Linner?

Exstimulo Potion Trace Effect Increase

Calamity Essentials I- Level 9

First: appreciate the name of this one. It’s a head-scratcher, but it makes you sit up and pay attention! Seriously are you a brunch or linner person? I want to know.

The description says that Horace Slughorn tells you to start drinking these Potions on an empty stomach to increase their potency. I get stomach cramps even thinking about it.

It’s a 7% increase on top of the previous 6%. That might not seem like much, but that’s 13% on three spell casts!

9) Cafeteria Cache

Passive Inn UpgradeSOS Training Cafeteria Cache

Calamity Essentials I- Level 9

Now that you’ve been playing the game for a little bit, you probably have a routine. Your walks to a nearby Inn must be as efficient as possible, collecting as much Spell Energy, Ingredients, and Foundables as you can.

This node will give you a higher chance of receiving higher energy foods from Restaurants, the purple Inns. 

If you do NOT have Restaurants (purple Inns) near you, then SKIP this node.

If you have Pubs near you (brown Inns), purchase Tapped Out instead, available in Calamity Essentials I- Level 11.

Different Inns have slightly different menus and different rewards. If you need help with those Inns, check out THIS article! The rarer the food, the more Spell Energy.

10) Confoundable Confounding

Departure Denial IncreaseSOS Training Confoundable Confounding Wizards Unite

Calamity Essentials I- Level 10

Starting to upgrade these nodes will reap enormous dividends as you progress! Certain Foundables have the tendency to depart rather frequently, so increasing the chance they won’t get “whisked away,” without the use of a Dawdle Draught, is invaluable!

After you unlock this node, you will be able to hone in on individual families and their departure rate, as well as the departure rates overall.

Once the overall Departure Denial skill is upgraded completely at Level 36, the Departure Denial rate is at FORTY PERCENT! That means, if the Foundable tries to depart, there’s a 2/5 chance your skills will stop it! And that’s WITHOUT the individual family boost!

As for what families you should increase as you go, it will depend on the rates you see certain families, as well as what you’ve had to invest to unlock nodes further down the line. Be patient and remember that unlocking nodes further down is not a waste of resources!

The Brewtime Reduction Nodes are a bit of help, but when you’re a beginner, focus on increasing your power and gathering resources. So while they are fine to progress you to a node you need, I’d hold off upgrading them fully, especially if they require Restricted Section Books or Defense Against the Dark Arts Books.

If you’re still having some trouble with the first few nodes as a beginner; don’t sweat it. Just because your skill tree build doesn’t look like someone else’s, or someone is trying to say that it’s wrong, don’t worry about it. All the nodes help in some way or another. Read carefully, consider YOUR playstyle and priorities for the game, and everything will work itself out just fine.

At Wizards Unite Hub, we aim to create content for players of all levels. I hope you enjoyed this beginner’s guide to SOS Training!

The WizHub team is working to create Wizards Unite guides and to update our Wizards Unite wiki pages! What other guides would you like to see? What wiki pages should we write or update next?

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