Quick Tips About Wizards Unite Profession Skill Trees

Wizards Unite Professions
Wizards Unite Professions

If you haven’t already, check out my previous article Which Profession to Choose in Wizards Unite. Once you reach level 6 in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, you can choose a profession. That guide will help you decide which profession to play.


However, after you get started with your fighter (Auror), tank (Magizoologist), or spellcaster (Professor), you still might be unsure of the best way to use spell books and scrolls to build up your stats and battle in fortresses. These tips will help you play efficiently. 

Fortress Battling – Know Your Limits

Find a chamber level that works for you and your potion supply. Your stats will always hold you back, but potions can take you far. Keep finding traces and prestiging your Registry for more spell books and scrolls. Also, level up to make it easier to defeat confoundables.

To best defeat your hardest difficulty chamber:

  • Brew more Healing and Exstimulo Potions
  • Use level 1 runestones to keep the difficulty at a minimum
  • Skill Tree: Choose lessons to cover your weaknesses
    • Example: Too fragile? Get more Stamina. Too weak? Get more Power.

Skill Tree tips

  • You only need to get one skill to move onto the next lesson, not all of the skills.
  • The top lessons are much cheaper, so take advantage of them for easy Power and Stamina.
  • Find the key lessons/spells for your profession and go straight for them (see below).
  • Spell books are mainly for the 3rd-5th skills in a lesson or important lessons, so you won’t use them much at the start.
  • Neo made an amazing Professions Theory-crafting tool to play around with lessons and their costs. It’s everything you’d want to plan out your lessons and see your stats.

Auror’s Skill Tree

  • Stats: Focus on all of the Power and Stamina lessons at the top, first (enough Stamina to survive). Skip Precision and Critical Power until later.
  • Weakening and Confusion Hexes will greatly improve your battling. Each cost only 1 Focus per Foe. The Weakening Hex helps you take less damage (reducing a Foe’s Power) and the Confusion helps you do more damage (reducing a Foe’s defense and dodge).
  • Dancing with Dummies (row 10, 35% Precision vs Foes with 100% Stamina) is an Auror’s key skill, though it’s only useful on the first attack. Aurors thrive on all of their overall offensive stats, so anything you can do to cheaply raise their Power is helpful.
Auror Skill Tree Path
Auror Skill Tree Path

Click the skill tree to view a larger image.
The lessons with a white background aren’t very important. The dotted outline lessons are optional to complete.

Magizoologist’s Skill Tree

  • Stats: Magizoologists don’t really have specific stats to focus on.
  • The three key lessons help magizoologist hit for major damage early on: Confound and Bewilder (2 Initial Focus), A Bird in Hand* (Note: Name changed recently) (40 Power while Player has at least 5 Focus), and Trouble with Truckles (1 Initial Focus to make it 5 total Initial Focus). 
  • Aim for A Bird in Hand on the middle-to-right side on Row 9 and pick up the second Stamina Charm lesson along with Confound and Bewilder right before it.
  • Go down to get the Bravery Charm, Power, the 3rd Stamina Charm, and Trouble with Truckles for 5 Initial Power total. Trouble with Truckles is on the 2nd to last line, but the path straight down isn’t too costly.
Magizoologist Skill Tree Path
Magizoologist Skill Tree Path

Professor’s Skill Tree

  • Stats: Professors should focus on Power and Stamina, but avoid Precision and Critical Power at the beginning.
  • Focus on getting the three Deterioration Hex lessons done quickly especially since the 3rd one is only on row 8. The 2nd Protection Charm is very helpful, too.
  • Professors are mediocre in everything, so one strategy is to go slowly down the skill tree, build stats cheaply.
  • A mid-game goal: Professors have an easier (and less expensive) time getting 150% Proficiency Power, which is a huge benefit.
Professor Skill Tree Path
Professor Skill Tree Path

Hopefully these tips will help you make sense of the profession skill trees in Wizards Unite. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide how to play the game! However, if you’re looking for an efficient strategy, follow these tips to maximize the benefits of spell books and scrolls.

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Linus Af Hull
Linus Af Hull(@linushull)
2 years ago

Well written but the images can´t be found when you try to click them and make em bigger.