New in v0.8.0: New Oddities & Events, XP Changes, Lifetime Achievements, Asset Downloads and UI Improvements

Wizards Unite Daily Update Analysis

Get ready to board the hype Train Wizards! Harry Potter: Wizards Unite was just updated to version 0.8.0 on Android, bringing a plethora of bug fixes, UI changes and balance changes.


But under under the hood, the Hub team has discovered a lot of noteworthy changes, most of which we did not expect! We believe this to be one of the first updates geared towards the worldwide release, and code changes seem to corroborate that theory.

Let’s dive in.

Official change log

  • Coming soon: New Profession upgrade item called Restricted Section Books available during limited-time events
  • Unlock the Borgin and Burkes wizard shop experience with 2 km & 5 km Portkey Portmanteau
  • Increased the chances of earning the Masterful bonus for high-accuracy spellcasting
  • Conserve mobile data by downloading game assets over WiFi in the Settings menu
  • Lifetime achievements added to the Ministry ID
  • Improvements to how Traces appear from Dark Detectors
  • Changes to the visual appearance of Wizarding Challenges, Foes in the Arena Map, and Professions
  • Portkey Portmanteaus no longer appear on the Map if your Portmanteau inventory is full
  • Improved performance for Wizarding Challenges and Portkeys

Lifetime Achievements

Credits to /u/SoylentGrien for the image

Your Ministry ID now features a new section on the bottom of the screen, just underneath the Wizarding Achievements. The new section showcases your lifetime number of:

  • Foundables returned
  • Distance walked
  • Unique Inns and Greenhouses visited
  • Wizarding Challenges won

These achievements have always been tracked in the background and should contain data from the date you’ve started playing. Data loss and inaccuracies are possible, as this is beta after all.

XP Changes

The overall XP requirements have been reduced significantly, applies to levels 1 through 60. Some level requirements have been reduced up to 50%, while others were only mildly adjusted. The new requirements are available here: Level Up XP, Requirements, Rewards and Unlocks.

Preload assets on WiFi

As if following up on our recent How and why Wizards Unite uses a lot of mobile data article, Niantic has added a new option to preload game assets while on WiFi. The option is available from Suitcase > Settings > Download All Assets and will allow you to download all 2300-ish assets (roughly 2.2 GB in size). The download can take a while, but it does download and cache all in-game assets.

If you check the “Notify about new assets” option, the game will prompt you if there are new assets available for download. We strongly suggest to keep this option checked to avoid high data usage. We haven’t done any testing in respect to new data usage yet, but we expect it to be dramatically lowered.

All of the assets are cached once they are downloaded and should be stored on your device.

New Oddities & New Brilliant Event

Centaur Bow

Credits to /u/SoylentGrien for the image

A new Centaur Bow Oddity has appeared in the Oddities I section of the Registry. The Centaur Bow requires 10, 20, 40 and 80 shards to completely return. This is the fifth Oddity required to complete the Oddities I section.

Brilliant Event

In addition to the Centaur Bow, a new Brilliant Event has been added to the game, although it is not active yet. The event features several Foundables that will be available in their special Brilliant form:

  • Brilliant Buckbeak
  • Brilliant Acromantula
  • Brilliant Salamander
  • Brilliant Scorched Yew Tree
  • Brilliant Snargaluff
  • Brilliant Unicorn

According to the newly discovered code, there should be a new Collection page titled “Fantastic Flora and Fauna” and is aimed to utilize several new features, such as Quest chains, a special 7 KM Portmanteau and targeted collection quests. The following strings have been discovered as supporting text for the event:

"quests_event_brilliant0001_link1_sub1_name": "[PLACEHOLDER] Collect from {AMOUNT} Inns.",
"quests_event_brilliant0001_link1_sub2_name": "[PLACEHOLDER] Pick up {AMOUNT} Ingredients or Portkey Portmanteaus.",
"quests_event_brilliant0001_link1_sub3_name": "[PLACEHOLDER] Pick up {AMOUNT} Ingredients or Portkey Portmanteaus.",
"quests_event_brilliant0001_link2_sub1_name": "[PLACEHOLDER] Return {AMOUNT} Brilliant Unicorn Foundable.",
"quests_event_brilliant0001_link2_sub2_name": "[PLACEHOLDER] Return {AMOUNT} Magizoology Foundables.",
"quests_event_brilliant0001_link2_sub3_name": "[PLACEHOLDER] Perform {AMOUNT} Great Spellcasts.",
"quests_event_brilliant0001_link3_sub1_name": "[PLACEHOLDER] Return {AMOUNT} Medium Threat Foundables.",
"quests_event_brilliant0001_link3_sub2_name": "[PLACEHOLDER] Walk {AMOUNT} Kilometers.",
"quests_event_brilliant0001_link3_sub3_name": "[PLACEHOLDER] Return {AMOUNT} Legends of Hogwarts Foundables.",
"quests_event_brilliant0001_link4_sub1_name": "[PLACEHOLDER] Open {AMOUNT} Portkey Portmanteaus.",
"quests_event_brilliant0001_link4_sub2_name": "[PLACEHOLDER] Brew {AMOUNT} Potions.",
"quests_event_brilliant0001_link4_sub3_name": "[PLACEHOLDER] Win {AMOUNT} Challenges in Fortresses.",
"quests_event_brilliant0001_step1_description": "[PLACEHOLDER] Complete Tasks.",
"quests_event_brilliant0001_step1_name": "[PLACEHOLDER]Fantastic Flora and Fauna I",
"quests_event_brilliant0001_step2_description": "[PLACEHOLDER] Complete Tasks.",
"quests_event_brilliant0001_step2_name": "[PLACEHOLDER]Fantastic Flora and Fauna II",
"quests_event_brilliant0001_step3_description": "[PLACEHOLDER] Complete Tasks.",
"quests_event_brilliant0001_step3_name": "Fantastic Flora and Fauna III",
"quests_event_brilliant0001_step4_description": "[PLACEHOLDER] Complete Tasks.",
"quests_event_brilliant0001_step4_name": "Fantastic Flora and Fauna IV",
"quests_events_brilliant0001_desc": "The Forbidden Forest has been thrown out of sorts by the Calamity. Lend Hagrid a helping hand by returning the forest's missing flora and fauna to its proper place.",
"quests_events_brilliant0001_name": "Brilliant Event: Fantastic Flora and Fauna",
"quests_events_brilliant0001_starttext": "Brilliant Foundable Detected!",
"quests_events_brilliant0001_tooltip": "[PLACEHOLDER] Tooltip",

Undocumented changes

  • More than 6000 lines were removed from the code base, hiding the list of foundables currently available in the game. Data mining is posed to become more difficult moving forward.
  • A new 7 KM Portmanteau was spotted, likely as an event exclusive item (.WALKBOX_EVENTS_7KM in the code base)
  • A number of “quest hooks” has been added, allowing Niantic to release quests that are similar to Pokemon GO’s field research tasks. So far we were able to spot the following hooks / objectives (brackets describe variations):
    • Use / Brew X Potions (can be specific potion)
    • Cast X Spells
    • Collect X Ingredients (can be specific Ingredient)
    • Collect X Foundables (can be specific Foundables, Collection Page or Family)
    • Spin X Inns
    • Play X times in a Fortress (can have player count requirement)
    • Unlock X Portmanteaus (can be distance specific as well)
    • Win X traces (can be specific Trace, difficulty, Collection Page or Family)
  • The vast majority of code changes in the APK relates to the following:
    • Asset preloading
    • Event and quest support
    • Bug fixes
  • Although 0.8.0 is a big step-up from 0.6.0, we’re still seeing bugs we don’t consider to be production ready
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