I heard it was released today, and so I went to the Google play store. The game doesn’t even show up when I search. If I go through a link I find online, I get the official page for the game, but red text that says “not available in your country”. My phone has been factory reset three times(Android), and my Google play account says I’m in the US. Help!

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Having the same issue, checked combatability and my LGX should be able to run it. So im still curious.

I’m having the same issue on Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra

Same with the LG Stylo 4, though it just says it’s not compatible.

Same issue on my lg Premier pro with android 8.1. Contacted Google support and they said to update my address which didnt help. They then referred me to the app developers. Any answers??

So… I went into Google Play, to account, to country. There was no payment plan in there. Until we put in a payment option, it refused to set the location to the US. Now it says the location is the USA but it’ll take up to 48 hours to confirm. Maybe this will help someone here?