Rewards for Elite Players?

Yesterday I was in an epic challenge in Forest Chamber III. We were waiting for the fifth person to join and when the timer ran out and the dust cleared, it was me (an Auror) and another Auror left to fight a boatload of foes. I guess everyone else jumped out at the last second and the game couldn’t recalculate number of bad guys? Anyhoo, I kept saying, “Don’t bail on me, please don’t bail on me”, throughout the entire fight. After using about a dozen Healing and Exstimulo potions, a Strong Invig. Draught and even a WIT Sharpening potion (which I don’t know exactly what it does), we defeated ALL of the foes with seven seconds to spare. Abruptly the game goes to the bonus page, as usual. What a shame. I wanted to high-five the other player. I wanted to add them to my Friends list.  I wanted to give them a “gift” or reward, maybe something in purple for “Elite Player” as some kind of recognition for a job well done.

cedar Asked question June 2, 2020