On my Moto G5 in the configuration menu the AR+ option on camera is missing…can’t use the AR on Key portals, the area is frozen.

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I have the same model and same issue. I have 8 portkeys ready to use but can’t get AR to show me the boot etc. All help refers to this mysterious AR+ setting which does not exist in the menu for Moto G. Can anyone shed light on this? I had no issues with Pogo. Reinstall of app made no difference.

I have the same issue, and nowhere I’ve looked (forums, FB groups, google) has had anybody that’s had useful information on how to fix it. And Niantic doesn’t seem to care about it. I’m on an iPhone 6s. My fiance is on the same model but doesn’t have the issue.

I have a Samsung S10 and I have the same issue.

And of course Niantic and Wizards Unite will do nothing about it. I’m not buying a new phone just for the app. Ridiculous.