Niantic Announces Unified Wayfarer System


Witches and Wizards, get out your Extendable Ears as we pay close attention to the announcement for Wayfarer by Niantic. Wayfarer is a unified system for combining Pokémon GO Pokéstop and Gym Nominations with Ingress Portal Candidates.

Wayfarer’s purpose originated from Operation Portal Recon, which was created to help Ingress Agents propose and review new Portals fit for better gameplay. Niantic Wayfarer will allow eligible players in Pokémon GO to review local points-of-interest before they can be added to Niantic Products. The new system is expected to be launched before the new year.


Previously, those eligible for points-of-interest submissions were Ingress players level 10 or higher and Pokémon GO players level 40 or higher in certain regions. It is unclear at this time who will qualify as an eligible player for the new Wayfarer system.

Points-of-interest in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite are based on the same data as Ingress Portal and Pokémon GO Pokéstop and Gym locations but, of course, we know them as Inns, Greenhouses, and Fortresses. In the Wayfarer system, all location terminology would fall under the new term Wayspots.

Reviewers of Wayspots, called Wayfinders, will enter a qualification process for each point-of-interest that examines factors like quality, safety, title and description, historical/cultural importance, permanence, and the ability for players to recognize the location being considered. The goal for this system is to standardize and enrich gameplay by ensuring Wayspots meet minimum requirements prior to being seen on in-game maps.

At this time, it is not known if or how Wizards Unite players could be included in the Wayfarer system in the future. Wizards Unite was not mentioned in the launch announcement except under the umbrella phrase Niantic Products.

To read more about the world of magic behind the scenes with Niantic games, check out this article on Niantic’s Real World Platform.

You can watch the launch video for Wayfarer here

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