Wizards Unite Los Angeles Exclusive Event live blog: June 21 release date confirmed!

Wizards Unite Influencers in Los Angeles
Wizards Unite Influencers in Los Angeles

Wizards, attention! The Exclusive Wizards Unite event is taking place in Los Angeles right now and we’re following along with a live blog. Early reports indicate that Wizards Unite is already playable in Hollywood Universal Studios, which means that today we’ll be getting a ton of new information.

UPDATE: Wizards Unite released a day early! 


Stay with us, this article is live updated as new information comes in (at least until Antonio crashes into deep slumber).

Update: The Wizards Unite Launch Event from our editor’s perspective!

Live blog (latest updates are on top)

  • 5:33 – the event has just ended, attendees are now allowed to played the game and get their hands on experience.
  • 5:26 – we get an in-depth explanation of The Calamity, or at least as much as they can give at the moment without spoiling the storyline
  • 5:23 – an event teased for Wizards Unite later this year, similar to GO Fest

  • 5:20 – Hanke is on stage, talks Wizards Unite events. Similar to Pokémon GO, there might be real world events across the globe.
  • 5:15 – June 21 release date
  • 5:14 – A new Wizards Unite storyline trailer is being shown at the event
  • 5:11 – All screenshots and gameplay are embargoed till Thursday, June 20th at 6am.
  • 5:10 – the event is starting.
  • 5:02 – the media is still arriving at the event and it’s becoming apparent that the event is not a small scale presentation. There are more than 80 people here including representatives from mainstream technical media outlets. We are expecting a US release date announcement.
  • 4:48 – John Hanke, Niantic CEO is spotted at the event!

  • 4:43 PM – the venue features a large stage with a video wall, attendees are seated and waiting for the event to start.

  • The event can’t be live streamed, but The Wizards’ Guide mentions the possibility that it will be live tweeted

  • POIs are appearing all around the venue, stretching in an 25 miles radius around the event venue (approximated)
  • WUTubers have arrived at the event, following a 3:30 PM registration. The event starts at 4:30 PM and lasts for 4 hours

Event information

Event Wizards Unite Exclusive Event at Universal Studios Hollywood, Los Angeles
Date + Time June 18, 4:30 – 8:30 PM PT
Features Exclusive first hand look at the game for social media influencers in the US
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