Wizards Unite News: Ready Button and More!

Wizards Unite Daily Update Analysis

This is just a quick news update regarding a few exciting changes in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

First of all, Wizarding Challenges finally have the long-anticipated Ready button! This new countdown timer in the Lobby will speed up Wizarding Challenges for solo players and groups alike.


As a solo player, you can now skip past the start timer by tapping Start and being dropped straight into the Chamber! When playing with a group, you can now tap Ready to let your teammates know you are ready to join the fight! Likewise, you will now see when other players are ready to start the Challenge.

The Legends of Hogwarts Family has a new Registry page: Yule Ball Great Hall. The new Legends of Hogwarts Foundables are the following:

  • Fred and Angelina
  • Hermione and Viktor
  • Hagrid and Madame Maxime
  • Harry and Parvati
  • a Yule Ball program

This is the first time Foundables have been two people instead of just one. What is up with the Calamity?!

Finally, there’s a new two-week Brilliant Event starting next week!

Part 1 of the Brilliant Event: Christmas Calamity starts Tuesday, December 3th at 11am pacific time!

Part 2 of the Brilliant Event: Christmas Calamity starts Tuesday, December 17th at 11am pacific time!

As soon as I learn more details about the Brilliant Event, I will get up posts for both weeks, outlining all the quests, the rewards, and the Brilliant Foundables.

Before the Brilliant Event begins, there’s still the special Legends of Hogwarts event! Get all the details in our guide.

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2 years ago

This isn’t a complaint, merely a piece of feedback FWIW: events with a break inbetween allowed for a bit of a breather, walking all those part-1 portmanteaus, catching some 10km ones for their value, catching some 2km ones in case they’d be needed for brilliant tasks.

We’re now looking at a constant 5-week event stream, if I count correctly. This changes the definition of ‘event’, somewhat 🙂

On a different note, I’m hoping that the X-mas event is going to feature encounters apart from traces — that was, I felt, a seriously cool innovation, during Fighting Forces.

Sonja Edwards
Sonja Edwards(@sonjaedwards)
2 years ago

For any further upgrades down the road I’d love to see a sorting feature in the friends section by alpha or gifts received/sent, as there is in PokĂ©mon. Also, can’t wait for Adventure Sync!!