Wizards Unite Adds a New Potion (and Other Updates)


Exciting news, witches and wizards! Fazes just announced a new update to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

The most exciting detail?


Tonic for Trace Detection Potion, a new Potion designed to help players attract more Traces on the Map. If you’ve played Pokémon GO, then you’ll recognize the similarity to Incense.

These Traces will be unique to the player using their Tonic for Trace Detection Potion. They will have a special visual effect (similar to Traces attracted by Dark Detectors) so you know the Potion is working!

The Tonic for Trace Detection Potion will work to attract Dragons on Day of the Dragons!

To introduce this new Potion, all players will receive a free store pack in Diagon Alley! This free gift includes:

  • 1 Tonic for Trace Detection Potion
  • Ingredients to brew 1 Tonic for Trace Detection
  • 10 Ingredient Capacity Increase
  • 5 Potion Capacity Increase
  • 5 Seeds/Water Capacity Increase

In addition, four new ingredients will join the game to brew Tonic for Trace Detection Potion. These ingredients are:

  • Baneberry
  • Bulbadox Juice
  • Angel’s Trumpet
  • Erumpent Horn

Erumpent Horn will be available primarily through Portkeys.

New players will have an increased base capacity for Potions, Ingredients, and Seeds/Water.

  • Potions will increase from 50 to 55
  • Ingredients will increase from 200 to 210
  • Seeds/Water will increase from 50 to 55

Beginning at Level 4, the Tonic for Trace Detection Potion will replace the Baruffio’s Brain Elixir as a level-up reward every 3 levels.

Health Potions you previously received at each level-up have been replaced by 25 Spell Energy.

It’s not too late to join the SOS Task Force! Join other witches and wizards to contain the Calamity!

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John N
John N
2 years ago

This is good, but it’ll be better when adventure sync drops and i can actually open some portkeys. I like that you can make this too. Good call overall, haven’t seen how rare the ingredients are yet though.