Wizards Unite Hub reaches 6000 followers on Facebook and Twitter!

Harry Potter Wizards Unite
Harry Potter Wizards Unite

….and it happened. With no game, with a limited amount of news and an unlimited amount of enthusiasts and supporters, we’ve somehow managed to reach 6000 followers on both Twitter and Facebook!

I won’t lie, this is a huge moment for us. When we launched GO Hub, it was a lucky shot honestly. Good timing, good hype, a popular game – it really couldn’t go wrong if you think about it. When we launched Metahub, we knew how it will grow: slowly, grabbing more and more attention as the games we cover there slowly grow.


But when we launched Wizards Unite Hub, we had no expectations for it. Sure, the Harry Potter fan base is massive, but we were a speck in the wast universe of the Wizarding World. And yet, we are here, with 6000 people following what we do and what we write. It’s a moment we’re all very proud about, especially for the transparency and openness of the whole community.

We’ve got WUtubers, we’ve got writers and we’ve got die hard Harry Potter fans, all living in harmony on Discord. But most of all, we have you, dear readers, supporting what we do here.

For that, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. Actually, we thank you so much that we’ve actually created a few pictures to celebrate this milestone! Enjoy!

By 123321mario
By DaddyButterfly
By Electro
By Joseph Haydn
By Silva
By Gitta Portkey Adventures
By Dr. Reebecciosa
By Belle Brita, our editor in chief
By NoyaCat
By TealTimeTurner
By FireStar72
By Zeroghan
By Madame Floo
By WizardTube
By Dare
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