Update 2.10.0: The Button is Back!

Wizards Unite Daily Update Analysis

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is releasing a new game update, 2.10.0! Keep in mind that there are usually bugs that can impact the game’s performance.

I have also included a link to a video on my YouTube channel if you’re into that kind of thing!


New Wizards Unite Updates

Keep in mind that some of these updates are coming #soon and are not yet live in the game.

Wizarding Challenges

New Chamber selection experience! Visit a nearby Fortress to see the updated display of your Player Grade potential rewards!

As pictured below, there is MUCH more information available as to the potential rewards, XP gained (both Challenge XP and Wizarding XP)

Daily Login

There will be a refresh of mystery Daily Login reward! Make sure to log into the game daily to see the new rewards!

Rewards in Wizards Unite have needed an update for a while now, so it really is great to see a change, albeit minor, to the daily rewards! I have been cooking up a few ideas lately in regards to rewards, but I am interested in hearing yours as well! Leave a comment below or hit us up on Twitter!

Wizards Unite Bug Fixes

As always, the HPWU developers continue to work hard at eliminating bugs in the game! If you are experiencing bugs, please report them by following these steps: go to Settings > Help/Legal (at the bottom) > Support > Report A Bug.


Fixed an issue with in the Gifts to Send tab, did not see their Friend’s Wizarding Level.

Fixed an issue with badging (red dot) not popping up on the Gifting icon when a Friend has sent a Gift

Wizarding Challenges

The Start button for entering a Wizarding Challenge has been turned back on. (WOOP WOOP!)

Aurors Only: Fixed an issue with defeating a Foe in a Wizarding Challenge with Bat-Bogey Hex not counting towards Wizarding Challenge Achievements.

Fixed an issue where players could consume Health Potions and Invigoration Draughts even though Health and Focus were at full

Known Issues in Wizards Unite

The HPWU developers know about the following issues. They are currently working to fix them. Some of these are left over from the Adventure Sync update, so please continue to report any new bug or issues you may have as the result of this update, 2.10.0.


The “Friends Listed I: Have 1 Friend in your Friends List” Achievement only updates when both players restart the app after having accepted friend requests.

Adventure Sync

Samsung tablets do not sync with Google Fit.

iPads will have an infinite load when attempting to turn Adventure Sync on.

Android 10 Only: App will restart when attempting to enable Adventure Sync when GPS is turned off.


Players may receive an error message if they background the app for 30 seconds while in a Greenhouse.


The rewards flow may show Players that they are receiving Spell Energy even though their capacity is full and they did not expand their Spell Energy capacity.

Ministry ID

Android 10 Only: Player may only see an black screen in the their Portrait when they attempt to use an Animated Sticker or Frame


Players may be unable to collect a Potion from Potion Brewing if they move from WiFi to mobile data.


When collecting new Portmanteaus, the amount on the badge from a player’s Suitcase is incorrect, compared to the actual amount of new Portmanteaus.

SOS Assignments

Players may receive awards related to SOS Assignments, such as Pixie Wings, even if they have not unlocked the corresponding assignment.


Tapping on a Trace outside of the “Magical Me” radius may give Players an error message.

Wizarding Challenges

Players can consume Health Potions and Invigoration Draughts even though Health and Focus are full. 

Players experience a delay when tapping into a Chamber.

What do you think of this update? I know it may seem insignificant because it is small, but big things come in small packages. I, for one, am VERY excited for the Start button to be back!

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Paul Fibelkorn
Paul Fibelkorn(@paulfibelkorn)
1 year ago

Have larger weekly and monthly rewards for those who check in every day of the week and/or month

Paul Fibelkorn
Paul Fibelkorn(@paulfibelkorn)
1 year ago

2nd reward suggestion:
Have rewards be increase depending on the level of the player.

1 year ago

Have a scrolls for books exchange.