New Wizards Unite Teaser Trailer! Erratic Golden Snitch!


The official YouTube channel for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite just dropped a new teaser trailer featuring kittens playing with a golden snitch.

This is the first new Wizards Unite teaser trailer since February 13, 2019, when Warner Bros. released the Discombobulated Niffler video through a select group of influencers.


Erratic Golden Snitch Teaser Trailer Observations:

  • Signatures of Mathilda and Constance appear again.
  • Trace 146. Previous traces were 74 and 102.
  • The same spell shown in the Riderless Nimbus 3000 teaser trailer is shown in this teaser trailer.
  • Two cats play with a golden snitch while a woman off-screen asks, “Where did this come from?” and “What have you got there?”
  • Video is potentially set in China, since “robotic jianzi” could refer to the Chinese game of jianzi. However, this has not been confirmed by a native speaker. I only speak English and French!

Considering New Zealand and Australia already have an early release version of Wizards Unite, the timing of this teaser trailer is odd. Aren’t we past due for a full trailer now? One that will unite witches and wizards worldwide?

Stay tuned! I will update this article as I learn more about the new teaser trailer. The Hub team is all hard at work sharing the most relevant and breaking Wizards Unite news with our fellow witches and wizards.

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2 years ago

Hi! I am from Taiwan. The language she speaks is Taiwanese.

What she said is “What is that thing? WTH!” and “WTH, What are you playing with?” She literally said “WTH”, which sounds like yawshiu.

It is amazing to hear my language in the video. Very funny! lol