Proposed Boycott of All 1920s Events

1920s Wizarding World Convergence Boycott

On September 9, 2021, community member Plotter101 tweeted out his plan for a game boycott, limited to all 1920s Wizarding World Convergences. This was in response to the current situation in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Note: Plotter101 collaborates with Wizards Unite Hub by sharing his research and by creating infographics. 


In this tweet, Plotter101 talks about the different bugs affecting players, specifically in regards to Adventure Sync and distance-tracking. The new 1920s Foundables can only be obtained by Portkeys, which means that some players are limited in their ability to collect the new Registry images.

In a follow-up statement to me directly, Plotter101 further elaborated his reasons for sharing this thoughts. He just wants the game to be fair and equitable. If his friends can’t participate in an event, he doesn’t want to participate either.

For these reasons, Plotter101 tweeted out his plan to boycott all 1920s Wizarding World Convergences until all distance-tracking bugs are fixed. His intention was to share his own plans, and to ask his friends in the Wizards Unite community to join him. However, the boycott idea quickly spread.

I have been reading constant posts and comments across Twitter, Facebook, reddit, and Discord. Different players who agree with the boycott have offered up different options to participate. These are:

  1. Do not open Wizards Unite at all during the 1920s Wizarding World Convergences.
  2. Play Wizards Unite during the events, but don’t pick up any teal (event) Portkeys.
  3. Only use your Gold Key to walk off teal Portkeys.

Other players disagree with a boycott. While I personally plan on participating in the September 1920s Wizarding World Convergence, I understand why players would choose to boycott the event. In addition, I am currently speaking with other Wizards Unite community leaders about a plan of action to communicate widespread player frustration.

After speaking with Plotter101 about his boycott, he said this:

I not trying to force anyone to play differently; I just want people to stand up for their friends. We can’t celebrate a prestige, if half can’t play at all.

I am interested to know your thoughts.

If you have recently quit the game, or you’re thinking about quitting it, what would convince you to play?

Do you want the HPWU team to pause some/all events until they fix the major bugs?

Will you participate in any sort of boycott, whether it’s this week or at some future point?

Everyone who comments on this website does a great job of being respectful to me, to the HPWU developers, and to other community members. I ask that if you comment on another platform, that you maintain that level of respect.

I repeat this a lot, but I honestly read all of your comments here, on Facebook, and on Twitter. I simply do not have the time to respond to all of them, but I promise I read them, I summarize your opinions for the HPWU team, and I pass on every bug report as well.

Connect with the WizHub team here and on social media.

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Dawn George
Dawn George(@dawngeorge)
2 months ago

I would like HPWU to discontinue events until all the issues are fixed including adventure sync and spell energy gifts that freeze the game when attempting to open them. I have no intention of quitting the game but would consider boycotts of events if these issues are not resolved.

Eric Wilber
Eric Wilber(@ericwilber)
2 months ago

I won’t be boycotting the event, mostly because I’m considering quitting the game altogether and want to make as much progress as I can before uninstalling. I hit Level 60 about a month ago and the game is just plain boring with so little to work towards. And, its not just the big problems like AS – the little bugs/errors add up for me in a big way too. It seems like most events recently have had numerous issues, whether it is tasks not being correct, rewards not being as advertised, or things being poorly thought out. For example, I… Read more »

David Smith
David Smith(@davidsmith2)
2 months ago

I’m fed up with the bugs which have been going on for too long now. I have 2 accounts level 55 and level 50. My wife has already quit the game at level 54. I too am seriously thinking of quitting. It’s just so frustrating walking all day and it not registering correctly. Collecting spell gifts from friends while a Baruffio is running. It just such a pain getting kicked out the game all the time. I don’t think I’ll be playing much longer. Sorry

2 months ago

I don’t know if they need to pause events or what but they absolutely need to prioritize getting these bugs fixed. I’m doing the gold key only method for this event but that’s more because I see the convergence events as obvious cash grabs for silver keys.

Ken C
Ken C(@kenchoy)
2 months ago

Brita, Since you identified portions of Plotter’s relationship with WU, the omission of the Hub and XpectoGo’s (since you two are trying to coordinate an action) relationship is a bit glaring, just on a perception basis. From talking with some WUTubers, I know that some are sent gifts and trips to the fest were fully paid for. It’d behoove you to disclose those types of things when trying to consolidate dissent so that the common players, the fringe voices and those who haven’t received stuff don’t feel like their opinions are being quashed by an extension of the WU dev… Read more »

Ken C
Ken C(@kenchoy)
2 months ago
Reply to  Brita

It’s unfortunate that you even take the tiniest bit of umbrage regarding disclosure when it was meant to bolster your credibility and perception amongst players who don’t receive info or gifts, not accuse you.

Truth is neither you nor the WUTubers have been a beacon of discontent with the game yet you want to consolidate an action.

Sorry that you can’t see it from the outside looking in.

Ken C
Ken C(@kenchoy)
2 months ago
Reply to  Brita

Got it and understand.

I respect what you do and use your site as a resource.

The benefit of disclosure is you generate trust, and the more trust you generate, there’s less inclination to see you as being co-opted by or a shill for the developers. And the more players see that you’re on their side and not trying to undermine efforts (Scrimgeour HBP), the more engagement you’ll get in your action.

Just input from a lowly player who’s experienced in community politics in real life.

Z G(@zg)
2 months ago

I started playing WU as a reason to start walking in lockdown since I had become quite sedentary. The inaccuracies of the AS have oddly had a negative health impact on me physically which I doubt I will get back to where it was through the game. This is as I have had to find a way around walking to open portkeys and if I dont have to walk, why would I? So I really need them to fix the bugs to save me from my own laziness. My personal hack is to adjust the time it takes for my… Read more »

Wench Whopper
Wench Whopper(@wenchwhopper)
2 months ago

Brita – I plan on boycotting this 1920’s event. The fact that the last 1920’s event ended hours earlier than it was supposed to was the last straw for me. I, like many others, made special trips out of our homes that night to pick up additional Portkeys, just to have them disappear because the Developers can’t calculate times correctly. I would have used up 9 Silver keys that night, but nope! The 9 collected Portkeys were gone with two hours still left on the event. As far as I know, we weren’t credited for those lost Portkeys either. That… Read more »

2 months ago

I wouldn’t center a boycott around gameplay–rather focus it on spending:

  • Don’t spend gold
  • Don’t buy anything with money
  • Don’t watch the ads
Allan Janes
Allan Janes(@allanjanes)
2 months ago

The problem is is that Niantic doesn’t give a stuff about players until it affects there bottom line. The 1920’s event is purely a cash grab that is repeated monthly. A boycott is the only thing that they will notice. If noone is buying silver keys then that affects their profits. I will just use the gold key for this event. Also, this event is really badly thought out – ports should be like for dragons when you know what you’re essentially getting – in other words 3 colours for 3 areas. Would be nice if there was a runestone… Read more »

Kugel Dog
Kugel Dog(@kugeldog)
2 months ago

I’m already boycotting the 1920s events. I refuse to participate in an event that virtually requires me to spend money on Silver Keys, in order to make any reasonable progress in acquiring the 777 Foundables need to place all the Stars on the Gold pages. So, those pages will remain empty in my game. I’ve almost completed my last Exploration page, and all my Challenge pages are complete. I’m bored with this game, and extremely frustrated by all the major bugs that result from every update. The most frustrating one for me is the difficulty getting on the Knight Bus… Read more »

Melissa Oswald
Melissa Oswald(@melissaoswald)
2 months ago
Reply to  Kugel Dog

I totally agree about Narcissa Malfoy, but I’m still looking forward to the Lethal Adversaries. If for no other reason than I REALLY want to throw spells at Umbridge and Voldemort. I’m sure the novelty will wear off after a few times, and then it will be the same tedious grind.

2 months ago

Having returned to HPWU at the start of lockdown, we really enjoyed what the team had done to enable us to play whilst staying safe. However, with each release new bugs have been introduced (yes some are only cosmetic) which are just not being addressed. The Ukrainian Iron belly Adversary Event was frustrating to the point where I asked “why do I do this!”. The community (fragmented as it is) offers some great ideas, feedback and solutions but sadly I don’t see anything that does not directly block revenue streams being addressed. Would a boycott have enough impact to force… Read more »

Kathy McGirt
Kathy McGirt(@kathymcgirt)
2 months ago

I find the 1920’s portkeys annoying in general. I am disabled and rather limited in how far I can walk in a day without consequences to my health. The portkeys disappear if you can’t open them in a couple of days and I have issues with distance logging – my phone often doesn’t track it accurately. I would be happy to dump the whole idea.

Ashley Morgan
Ashley Morgan(@ashleymorgan)
2 months ago

I think if nothing else, they need to stop doing events where it requires Adventure Sync to be functioning. I was extremely frustrated during the last 1920s event because all of my portmanteaus were filled up and I couldn’t get rid of them. Even if they added the ability to delete portmanteaus, that would be a huge improvement. I’ve left several spots open, so I will be picking up portmanteaus, but who knows how long it will take me to be able to get portkeys out of them?

S V(@s-v)
2 months ago

I’ve wanted to quit HPWU for a long time now. This. Game. Makes. Me. Miserable!!! At this point, I’m running on fumes solely from pathetic dedication to the game and a sincere love for a certain HPWU community created by James and Sue. This game has had some major flaws since day one. For one, this game is not an equal opportunity game. I live in the city and I get zero spawns of traces and ingredients at home. It shouldn’t even be about living in the city anyway. There are some majorly dedicated players who live rural. Why should… Read more »

2 months ago

With the amount of issues we have with the game I think we need to push everything and fix what needs to be fixed. We’ve been complaining for months about multiple things not working. It came down to Youtubers making public videos about how frustrated people are to finally someone do something about it. I agree on what the other comments are saying and I won’t be putting in much effort into the event. If my gold key is open it won’t go unused, but I’m not okay with the lack of communication we’ve had the last 6-12 months with… Read more »

Darrin Howard
Darrin Howard(@darrinhoward)
2 months ago

I quit playing months ago and for apparently the same reason as this boycott. The level of professionalism is appalling. The endless “bugs” (ie amateur hour programmers), an apparent lack of beta testers, as well as needlessly shallow game mechanics (ie simply doing the same 2-3 things, sometimes repackaged to give the illusion of additional content). The concept had great potential, but it was wasted.

Grimly Futtocks
Grimly Futtocks(@grimlyfuttocks)
2 months ago

The 1920s event was obviously devised to generate revenue through the sale of silver keys and I won’t be a victim of extortion. I won’t boycott the event, but I’ll only use my gold key.
The rest of the game is still great (though a bit buggy right now) and I won’t stop playing just for this.

Jim Palmer
Jim Palmer(@jimpalmer)
2 months ago

I think they’re derelict in holding a portkey event during the resurging pandemic without first fixing Adventure Sync. Doing so literally puts people’s health and lives at risk. Just to sell silver keys.

2 months ago

Not boycotting at all. Yes it is frustrating to some that Adventure Sync isn’t working but there isn’t any tasks, other than collecting portkeys and opening them. People are not missing out with exclusive stuff for only this event. I’m level 59 and haven’t spent a single cent. Yes this is designed to spend the silver keys, however I’ve had a surplus of silver keys as I rarely used them. We have a free game, that most people don’t spend money on. There is a lot of costs involved, servers, programmers, software, support staff, bandwidth, electricity, taxes, artists, etc. No… Read more »

2 months ago

Here’s my take on this boycott. This is probably one of the biggest response with people being unhappy about the state of the game since launch back in June of 2019. I’m not sure if this will hurt Niantic in order for them to fix as many bugs as they can to improve the game’s quality of life. My primary reason for playing this game is to get out of the house and do some walking. Unfortunately the pandemic has put a damper on that, and I do need to get back to walking again because it keeps me active. While I’m in the same… Read more »

Last edited 2 months ago by Robert
Robert Snyder
Robert Snyder(@robertsnyder)
2 months ago

I am interested in a game that does not crash while transitioning to the encounter. I am willing to leave my phone on while walking. I am not willing to keep having to force quit the app between portkeys to ensure I don’t experience a crash and not get the encounter. This is so easy to reproduce on my phone, so it is clear to me they don’t bother to test their code before they push it out. I’d be embarrassed to distribute code this unstable and bug laden, but I guess that’s just my issue.

Adam Nugent
Adam Nugent(@adamnugent)
2 months ago

I see they have completely nerfed the amount of sos books you get by placing 1920 images. for instance the maledictus poster on standard used to give 5 books and 25 page xp but now 0 books and 80 xp. which ok not too bad but then credence was 42 books at standard and 100 xp but now is only 4 books and 50 xp. basically for all of them you get a factor of 10 less books and half as much xp (for standard frame). which for me has completely killed these events for me seeing as now you… Read more »

Melissa Oswald
Melissa Oswald(@melissaoswald)
2 months ago

I’ve noticed a lot of my in-game friends have stopped playing. I completely understand.

I’m still playing this event, because even though walking around my house doesn’t count in Adventure Sync like it used to, I can still log distance having the game open while I’m driving. I do REALLY appreciate the solidarity and will definitely consider taking part in a future boycott. I didn’t read about this one until it was too late. 🙂

Wera Fallmann
Wera Fallmann(@werafallmann)
2 months ago

I quit a couple of months ago, mainly “thanks” to these distance tracking bugs. Not planning to re-join. (Did I boycott before it became mainstream?)