Wizards Unite Hub is on Patreon!


On Monday the Wizards Unite Hub team launched our Patreon page! This will allow us the ability to expand the website and community.

The WizHub team works weekends and holidays to bring our readers the latest in Wizards Unite news. We share strategy guides and opinion pieces, and we lead a robust Discord where witches and wizards can collaborate on research, ask questions, and provide feedback directly to the HPWU developers. I even work directly with Fazes as part of a small, collaborative, unpaid team of Wizards Unite community leaders.


Creating this Patreon allows the WizHub team to connect directly with our most passionate fans! Private Google Hangouts, a private Discord channel, social media shoutouts, feedback on your writing, and more!

If you’re reading this, then you’re already a valuable member of the WizHub community. We appreciate all of our website readers, social media followers, and Discord members. Starting a Patreon will not change how we run any of those platforms.

Some of you have had questions this week about the WizHub Patreon, so I want to address those!

Wizards Unite Hub Patreon FAQ

I will update these questions as more come in.

How will the WizHub Patreon affect the WizHub Discord server?

All existing Discord channels will continue, just with a private Discord channel for patrons at the $5/month or higher level. This will be a general chat channel that still has to follow all WizHub Discord rules. All moderators and writers will also have access to this channel.

How will the WizHub Patreon affect the WizHub social media sites?

I will still post quick updates on Twitter and Facebook as well as website links. I will still periodically request game feedback that I will then share directly with Fazes.

How will the WizHub Patreon affect the WizHub website?

All news updates and strategy guides will still be posted to the website without a paywall. At some point, we might offer an ad-free experience to patrons, but let’s be honest, most of you use an ad-blocker anyway.

Patrons will have the opportunity to prioritize certain topics that end up on the website. For example, if I have 10 ideas for posts in a month, but my writing team can only write 5 posts, patrons will get to choose which posts I assign first.

Eventually patrons at a higher tier (that doesn’t exist yet) will get early access to website content. However, the content will still be published on the website within 3-24 hours, depending on how important/urgent the content is.

Any content only delayed 3 hours will still be available in other places online if you know where to look.

What kind of exclusive content will be available to patrons?

I’m sure I’ll come up with more ideas as time goes along, and patrons will be able to request certain types of exclusive content. For now, it will mostly be:

  • behind-the-scenes content (what does running WizHub look like? how do I choose website topics? what’s my schedule like? how do the Discord moderators operate?)
  • round-up posts of tips (basically advice you can find elsewhere on our website or the greater Internet if you look hard enough, but conveniently packaged together in a handy list, already fact-checked)
  • humorous Harry Potter content not related to Wizards Unite
  • general tips on writing, editing, blogging, and running a website

Why does WizHub need a Patreon?

Running a website as large and as popular as Wizards Unite Hub costs money. Reliable website hosting isn’t cheap. In addition, there are multiple things I’d like to do to expand the website and community, as well as reward the writers and Discord moderators, but all of those things cost money.

So far WizHub has been running primarily on ad revenue. As I said before, most people use ad blockers. I certainly do! Ad revenue is not reliable, nor is it highly profitable. Right now it’s the only revenue paying for our website hosting and for our writing. Right now we only pay writers 2-3 cents per word for an article when industry rates start at 10 cents per word.

Having another income stream means that I can buy t-shirts for the Discord moderators and the writers. It means that we’ll have the money to expand our website hosting, which will eventually be necessary as we upload more and more images. It means that I can hire a designer to create merch and to create original graphics for the website.

Why should I become a WizHub patron?

To learn more about what happens behind-the-scenes. To influence future WizHub content. To hangout with me and other WizHub team members in a monthly Google Hangout.

Eventually, there will also be patron opportunities for meetups, exclusive merch (at wholesale pricing, meaning you pay what I pay), and more.

If you have anymore questions, please comment below.

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