Expanding the Gameboard – Small and Medium Businesses


Hardly wasting any time since Niantic recently announced and implemented the Wayfarer program – it has been announced that Niantic is looking to expand its sponsored location program. This time it looks to target small and medium sized businesses. A recent blog post by Niantic gives a little more detail. Right now any business within the US can join the Sponsored Locations Early Access Beta program. Once accepted, after a selection process, the business will be granted its own POI.

Although the blog post by Niantic does not mention any specific game, the application website specifically mentions Pokémon GO, it is highly likely this will carry over into Niantic’s other games, including Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. This has the potential to bring many more Inns, Fortresses, and Greenhouses to the map. Unfortunately, as of now, the program is limited to the US, but if the beta program is successful, it’s possible other countries will also gain opportunities for sponsorship.

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