Niantic shares an Update on the Wizards Unite Beta and a New Story Trailer

Wizards Unite Beta Update
Wizards Unite Beta Update

Niantic has just shared a new update on the Wizards Unite Beta, not revealing the release date, but hinting that more news are coming in the coming weeks. Alongside the update, a new promotional video titled “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Game Intro Trailer” was shared, highlighting the story that lead up to The Calamity and bridging the gap between the original Harry Potter books and Wizards Unite.

Here are the important bits and pieces from the official post, which we suggest you read as well:

  • Over the past few weeks, Niantic has learned a lot from beta players and used their input to prepare the game for a smooth launch
  • Behind the scenes, internal tests, bug fixes and gameplay improvements have been silently deployed throughout this period
  • The feedback from New Zealand and Australia has been exceptional and Niantic expressed deep appreciation for everything beta players have done
  • Additional features are also being worked on, but not all of them will be available at launch. Niantic is preparing a whole slew of features that will be slowly unlocked once the wider game launch rollout begins
  • The studio is taking their time with Wizards Unite, as they want to give it a level of polish it deserves
  • The devs identify themselves as true fans of the Wizarding World
  • More to be shared in the coming weeks

Wizards Unite Game Intro trailer breakdown

As mentioned earlier, a new trailer was shared highlighting key timeline events between the end of Harry Potter books and the start of Wizards Unite. This trailer helps established the game in the new Wizarding World timeline as a direct successor to the book series.

The trailer is available here and our breakdown is attached below:

Key moments in the trailer

  • 0:01 – Voldemort is defeated and The Daily prophet cover shows an article titled “Hogwarts Saved” and subtitled “Potter wins crucial showdown”
  • 0:04 – Hogwarts heroes have joined the Ministry, now working alongside other officials and filling the Ministry Ranks
  • 0:10 – A new era of peace begins at the Ministry as it is reborn after the battle of Hogwarts
  • 0:13 – Confederation of Wizards has never been better, the Wizarding World is healing and things are improving
  • 0:16 – London Five go missing, no suspects in sight. It is not clear who are the London Five, but the narrator says that no one has gone missing, not since the dark ages
  • 0:19 – The investigation into the London Five produces no results, it’s stuck and there’s a panning shot of the crime scene. A Quibbler foundable is laying on the floor next to a coat and a Daily Prophet
  • 0:23 – The investigation into the London Five has been terminated. The narrator says “I don’t care, find them”
  • 0:25 – The Calamity happens and the Wizarding World is in chaos
  • 0:29 – Ministry is confronted with an ever growing number of issues from the Calamity, not able to cope with all of it. The narrator says that “We must protect the statue of secrecy”
  • 0:33 – The trailer ends with the promotional “The Wizarding World is at risk of Exposure, We Need Your Help” poster and with the narrator saying “The Muggles cannot become aware”- creepy!
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