New Wizards Unite Trace File teased on Social Media featuring Niffler

Wizards Unite Niffler
Wizards Unite Niffler

This curious tweet has been shared on the official Harry Potter Wizards Unite twitter account, at 8:00 AM PST time. The tweet teases a Niffler Trace file, possibly similar to the previously shared Riderless Nimbus trace file (see New Wizards Unite Teaser is out: Riderless Nimbus 2000 Out of Control for more information).


Here is some information about the shared image:

  • Sometimes, images carry special meta data with them. That data has been stripped for this image. We don’t know when this image was created, nor how it was exported.
  • The image features a Niffler, an XXX class magical creature
  • The image carries the usual Wizards Unite branding and symbols (you can find these in our Harry Potter Wizards Unite vector pack: official logos and icons)

A video teaser hasn’t been shared yet, but we are aware that Warner Bros. has reached out to a number of Wizards Unite Youtubers, asking to sign a “disclosure agreement” and giving them access to Warner Bros. press site. We’re expecting this relationship to grow stronger over the upcoming weeks:

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