New Skill Trees Coming to Wizards Unite!



New skill trees are coming very soon to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Unlike the existing profession skill trees, these skill trees will be available to all players, regardless of profession.


For now I’m limiting this article to the official marketing announcement… But I will break down what that announcement means!

If I pose a question about how the new features work, I’m not being sly or cute. I honestly don’t know the answers to these questions yet. I have asked these questions, and I will fill y’all in on the answers once I know more!

As always, I also have a video going over these new details!

SOS Training in Wizards Unite

“Get ready to level up your Calamity-kicking skills with all-new training provided by the Statute of Secrecy Task Force. With SOS Training you’ll learn entirely new magical skills with useful benefits to aid you on your adventures.

Every witch or wizard, regardless of selected Profession, will soon be granted access to a set of new SOS Training skill trees full of never-before-seen lessons. By unlocking these lessons you’ll gain access to skills that have far-ranging effects that can’t be found anywhere else. It’s up to you to decide what skills to invest in based on your own personal playstyle.”

SOS Training is the name for the new skill trees coming to Wizards Unite. Like the current profession skill trees, you will find these SOS Training skill trees in your Profession tab in your Suitcase.

Return Foundables more easily

“Perhaps some of your spells have been feeling a little lacklustre? Mastery will increase the power of your spells and help you better trounce those meddlesome Confoundables. Finding Fawkes a little too eager to flee? Departure Denial reduces the chance that a flighty Foundable escapes after you cast a spell.”

Mastery and Departure Denial are two skills that will improve your odds of returning Foundables. At the moment, we don’t know the mathematical advantage these two skills add to the current RNG formula and odds. The screenshot above hints at different lessons needed to level up Mastery and Departure Denial.

Brew Potions more effectively

“Fancy improving your Potion-brewing skills to levels even Professor Snape would be proud of? Potions Effect boosts the strength of your Potions, and Brew Time Reduction shortens how long it takes to brew them.”

These two skills both apply to brewing Potions. At the moment, we don’t know exactly how these will work. Most likely, Brew Time Reduction will decrease brewing time by a set percentage, similar to Master Notes. However, Potions Effects is more complex considering the different uses of Potions in Wizards Unite.

For example, how will Exstimulo Potions be strengthened with Potions Effects? Will they have more uses per Potion, or will they be stronger against Confoundables and Foes, or both?

Will Baruffio’s Brain Elixir last longer, or will it give more than double Wizarding XP, or both?

We look forward to learning more about these particular skills!

Field Charms

“Through SOS Training you can also unlock a set of new spells that you invoke directly on the Map called Field Charms. Cast the Trace Charm on existing Traces to reveal even more Traces nearby. Cast the Inn Charm on Inns to generate additional Spell Energy on the Map. Cast the Greenhouse Charm on, you guessed it, Greenhouses, to conjure rare Potion Ingredients. While you alone can see the extra Traces revealed by your Trace Charms, all nearby players can take advantage of the bonus Spell Energy and Potion Ingredients from anyone’s Inn and Greenhouse Charms so be sure to coordinate with fellow players for optimal benefits.”

Field Charms are a completely new addition to the game. The Inn Charm and the Greenhouse Charm are somewhat similar to Dark Detectors in that one player casts the Field Charm for everyone’s benefit.

If you have ever played Pokémon GO, the Trace Charm is similar to Incense.

Field Charms will be exciting to try out. For now, we don’t have a quantitative or qualitative definition of:

  • even more Traces
  • additional Spell Energy
  • rare Potion Ingredients

How many more Traces, and of what rarity? How much additional Spell Energy? Which Ingredients are considered rare?

Once we know more (and we have permission to share), we will update you!

New Wizards Unite in-game resources

“What’s the key to unlocking all of these unique skills? Continuing to develop your magical potential as a wizard in the SOS Task Force of course! To help with your professional development, the SOS Task Force will be providing Field Guides, Ministry Manuals and Defense Against the Dark Arts Books, three new resources you can collect and use alongside existing Restricted Section Books to unlock these new skills. The best part is, Field Guides and Ministry Manuals can be obtained from doing the same things you’ve already been doing—returning Foundables and placing images in the Registry, and Defense Against the Dark Arts Books can be earned by participating in in-game events.”

To unlock new skills in the SOS Training skill trees, you will need to spend four resources, including three new ones. These are:

  • Field Guides
  • Ministry Manuals
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts Books
  • Restricted Section Books

Did you notice something missing from that list? Scrolls and Spell Books will NOT be used in the SOS Training skill trees.

For now, we don’t know exactly how difficult it will be to collect the new resources. Currently, Spell Books are rewards for almost all events. Will they be replaced by DADA Books, or will DADA Books be an additional reward? Will DADA Books be as frequent as Restricted Section Books (15 per Brilliant Event), or will they be more rare?

Conclusion on SOS Training

“Are you ready to expand your magical horizons with SOS Training? Stay tuned for more information this month. Year two of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is here!”

Yes, I’m ready! I’m excited to learn more about these new skill trees along with all of you!

Wizards Unite Hub should have a lot of new posts coming very soon, tentatively this week. Much of what the WizHub team will be sharing will come from our own gameplay experiences, not advanced information.

Stay up-to-date with all the latest Wizards Unite news by following WizHub on social media! You can also support the work we do by joining our Patreon or buying merch. Any proceeds help cover website expenses since ad revenue is unreliable. (And let’s be honest, we all use ad blockers anyway).

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Chris Borbas
Chris Borbas(@chrisborbas)
1 year ago

My best guess is that Field Guides, Ministry Manuals and Defense Against the Dark Arts Books are related to the existing professions. Field Guides are related to Magizoologists, Ministry Manuals to Professors and DADA Books to Aurors.