Hogwarts Mystery, Version 1.9.0 – New Looks for Pets!


Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery has been updated to version 1.9.0 (if you don’t have this update already, you should be able to find it in your app store), and the largest change in this version is the pets.

Customize your pets

Thanks to this update, players who have already bought pets can now customize them. You can use coins or gems to make your cat, owl, toad, or rat look different.


The new pet looks work in the same way as clothes for your own avatar. There are 2-3 different versions to each pet, apart from the base version. You have to buy the base pet first in order to get the more advanced ones. You can preview the changes in the store, and when you buy a new skin (look) for your pet, you will receive some attribute points. Courage for the cat, empathy for the rat, and knowledge for the toad and owl.

As of now, we do not know whether these changes are purely cosmetic, or if they also change how often your pet will give you energy. This article will be updated once we have an answer to this.

These changes are expensive. The cheapest one is the toad, which costs you 2,000 coins to turn into a red-spotted toad or 25 gems to give it a yellow/orange color. The most expensive customization belongs to the owl, which costs you 15,000 coins to give a reddish-brown look or 450 gems to turn into a snowy owl just like Harry Potter’s Hedwig.

No option to “turn this stupid fat rat yellow”, as of now.

Name your pets

Speaking of Hedwig, you can now also name your pet in game. Again, if you go to the store, under each pet you own, you can see that the pet already has a name, and you can click on the pen icon next to that name to change it to something that suits your animal better.

Many players have already named their pets in their own minds, but now they can finally put it in the game and make it official!

Similar to choosing your username, the game places some limits on pet names.

The store seems to be the only place you can see your pet’s name as of now, but who knows, maybe that will change in the future.

Crest Challenge trend

This is not technically part of this latest update, but Jam City appears to have many crest challenges up their sleeve, as lately we have received one after another. This may be a trend that will continue, so don’t forget to check out our article on how to finish these crest challenges quickly. Don’t miss any of the awesome rewards these events offer!

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