Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery – An Overview of New Features

Hogwarts Mystery mobile game
Hogwarts Mystery mobile game

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, the first Harry Potter RPG on mobile. Initially, the game had each Harry Potter fan going berserk with excitement, and then, to put it mildly, we felt let down. Many of us outright quit the game, but a few still play it once in a while. What’s new in Hogwarts Mystery, the game?  

New features in Hogwarts Mystery

To sum it up quickly, these are the new changes that have happened to the game:

  • Release of Year 5  and New Class Activities
  • Special Side Quests
  • Season Themed Events and Decorations
  • Duel Contests and House Pride Events
  • Introduction of Books as In-Game Currency
  • Magizoology Quests
  • Pets
  • Better Energy System

Release of Year 5 & New Class Activities

The fifth year has also been released. The year, at the present, consists of 20 chapters. Classes such as fan-favourite, Defence against the Dark Arts, and History of Magic have been unlocked. The Grand Staircase is now accessible to any year 5 or above player.

Hogwarts Mystery has added new class activities, including new lessons in the first years, as well as new spells for duelling. Ever felt tired of using Lumos for the 100th time to unlock a specific Charms lesson? Well, each subject has now updated the practise spells and activities.


The game now features activities with magical creatures. These help you become a magizooloogist. You can feed and bond with various magical creatures such as a Niffler, Porlock, Fairy, Thestral, Bowtruckle, etc. Feeding and Bonding with them increases your Magizoologist level, thereby helping you to unlock and adopt more creatures. In short, it can be viewed as a better version of Care for Magical Creatures.

Special Side Quests

The Special Side Quests are a new core feature of the game. They add a new fun twist to the repetitive narration by introducing fun elements. Their completion results in a unique reward that is not unlockable otherwise. Some side quests are seasonal; others unlock at certain points in a school year.

Screenshot of Penny, MC, and Bill at the Celestial Ball in Hogwarts Mystery.

The most popular side quests include:

  • Howling Hallowe’en: You had to fight the werewolf Fenrir Greyback and his pack of werewolves to save Hogwarts
  • Christmas At Hogwarts: Decorate Hogwarts for Christmas
  • Become an Animagus: Complete the quest and you have the ability to become an animagus of your choice
  • Become a Prefect: Complete it, and you become a prefect in Year 5
  • Celestial Ball: Organize the Celestial Ball Dance 

Better Energy System and Introduction of Books

All the early adopters of the game hated one thing: the energy management mechanism. The game has made improvements, by moving to a less energy draining system, as well as adding more free energy donor elements. You also get reimbursed energy if you use more to complete a task than necessary. These improvements have certainly made the game a bit more enjoyable.

The game has introduced a new in-game currency called Books, which can be used for the adoption of pets as well as adopting magical creatures, as well as in Shop. The books can be earned by winning Duels and participating in House Pride Events.

Dueling Club and House Pride Events

The game now hosts a “multiplayer” event a few times per month, either Dueling Club or House Pride. 

In Dueling Club, you duel another student at a similar level to you. You collect rewards with a certain number of wins. This student is a bot, not a real person.

In House Pride Events, you are required to completed a given target (usually 25 house points) to enter a team. At the end of the event, the total number of house points earned by your team is computed and the team is rewarded according to their collective progress. These events gives great rewards, including Books. Unfortunately, your team is full of bots as well, and sometimes it’s just not possible to win. 

Pets, Seasonal Events, and Decorations

Multiple pets are now available in game. They can be unlocked by buying them from the shop, using Gems or Books. They grant energy at different rates. A user can keep up to 8 of them in their dormitory. Quite a good investment. Also, you can customize their appearances with additional purchases. 

Seasonal events were held during Christmas and Halloween. Both the Great Hall and the house common rooms were decorated for both holidays. Even during a Meal with a Friend, the Great Hall maintained its festive decorations. The rewards for each seasonal event were specific clothing items that conveyed the festive spirit.

Hogwarts Mystery offers special Halloween events for animated clothing and notebooks.

In conclusion

The new features are constantly improving the gameplay and making the game more interactive. In short, the game has made massive progress and can be quite the fun Hogwarts experience. While Jam City still has opportunities to improve the game, Hogwarts Mystery is a fun experience for anyone looking to play a Harry Potter game for a few minutes a day.

P.S. Did you miss any of the seasonal events? Mark of Zealman’s Wizarding World has you covered!

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