Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Official Trailer released


Buckle in Wizards, the official trailer for the game has been released! Without further ado here we go:


Everything said in the trailer (extracted from the Youtube video closed captions):

  • Calling all Wizards.
  • This is your Ministry
  • Our Wizarding community is at risk of exposure
  • Traces of magic are appearing all over the Muggle world
  • Revealing Magic to Muggle eyes
  • We are heading towards quite the debacle
  • Unless we act now
  • Unless we act together
  • Fellow Wizards.
  • Ready your wands!
  • Help keep Muggles none the wiser
  • Help contain the calamity
  • Help save our world
  • Wizards Unite!

The teaser showcases a series of incidents in the muggle world, featuring Deatheaters, HippogriffMonster Book of MonstersGolden SnitchNifflerPixieSorting HatNimbus 2000 and a few more Foundables. Deatheaters tho!

No concrete release date has been given yet, but we expect that the game will be released in the next few months (target release window is Summer of 2019). The current state of Beta is rather stable, albeit with a few client side bugs, and there is seemingly enough content for players to chew through for at least two or three months. Currently the Wizards Unite beta is available in New Zealand and Australia and there are no news if new areas will be supported soon.

If you want to learn more about the game, we strongly suggest you check out our Wiki section and the official Wizards Unite database. For any questions our Q&A board is available and our community will answer your question soon.

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