“Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery” announced — a new mobile game by Jam City

Wizards Unite Data Mining
Wizards Unite Data Mining

Portkey Games, the development studio and publishing label behind all upcoming HP games (including Wizards Unite) have announced a new upcoming Harry Potter mobile game, titled Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery”.

Hogwarts Mystery is developed by Jam City, the developer behind Cookie Jam, Marvel Avengers Academy and a number of other pop-culture franchise inspired casual games.

Official Hogwarts Mystery logo

According to a cover article by Pottermore (link) and the official game website (link), the game will look something along these lines:

  • You will be able to create a character and advance through school years like all other Hogwarts student
  • The game will allow you to attend classes, take part in various Clubs (Duelling club) and interact with familiar HP franchise characters: from Dumbledore to Hagrid
  • The game takes place before the events of the HP novels and films
  • The game is categorised as a “story-drive mobile narrative role-playing game”, which likely implies a simple, approachable title, likely published under the PEGI 7 violence rating

Curiously, Jam City is calling the game as a “pure RPG” and is already two years into development:

“We are very familiar with the action gaming approach that EA took in the past. This is much more story-driven and RPG-like. It is not a twitch game. We wanted to explore the player motivation, and really feeling like you are a student.”

In addition, Josh Yguado (president and COO at Jam City) has shared that the game has very little resemblance to Niantic’s upcoming Wizards Unite title, going even as far as to state the following (via VentureBeat):

“This is a labor of love. We have spared no expense. Harry Potter fans have a high bar. We wanted to get this one right.”

More details will be shared with fans at an upcoming Disney Celebration event in Florida.

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Bad Karma Drone
Bad Karma Drone
4 years ago

Any word on a release date?

GO Hub
4 years ago

Nothing yet!