New Registry Page Coming to Wizards Unite!


If you loved the cute little baby beasts in the Brilliant Event, you will be thrilled to hear the latest news about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite!

A NEW Care of Magical Creatures Registry page is debuting this month for Community Day.


Note: Thank to Niantic and WB Games for providing this information early. Wizards Unite Hub does not get paid to write about HPWU news. 

Forbidden Forest II Registry Page

Screenshot of Forbidden Forest II Registry page

We are getting 5 new Foundables in Wizards Unite. These are:

  • Baby Mooncalf
  • Baby Troll
  • Baby Cerberus
  • Baby Chinese Fireball
  • Baby Phoenix

Yes, Baby Troll will have Wingardium Leviosa as the spell!

Baby Phoenix will be available in Wizarding Challenges when using Care of Magical Creatures Runestones. All other new Foundables will be Encounters on the Map.

Preview these adorable baby beasts in my latest video!

June 2021 Community Day

The new Forbidden Forest II Registry page will be the focus of the June Community Day for Wizards Unite. As usual, the event will feature boosted Foundables on the Map and when using Tonic for Trace Detection (which will have a reduced brewing time). Wizarding Challenges will have extra Wizarding XP and Challenge XP, plus Spell Energy rewards.

Full Community Day details coming soon!

What do you think of the new Baby Beast Foundables? Are you excited for June Community Day?

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Melissa Oswald
Melissa Oswald
3 months ago

Ooh, I love it!!! Did anyone notice the baby troll’s bogey bubble? Hilarious!

3 months ago

Got my first baby troll this morning. Went through the register page and noticed, these Foundables only gave family xp, no SOS books no matter what level you have them on. I wish they did provide SOS books like regular Foundables.

3 months ago
Reply to  Brita

Community Day came and went. I prestiged that page, no SOS manuals. Not possible to get any SOS Manuals, even if you have that page at gold. Why?

Beautiful artwork and animation. Great for getting XP. My focus right now is SOS manuals and DADA books so I can complete lessons, so I will not be trying to get this to gold.

3 months ago

This page is now showing SOS books for placing items.