Love Is In the Air: February Events in Wizards Unite!


February in Wizards Unite is going to be MASSIVE. There are more events and special spawns happening throughout the majority of the month! This month, as is tradition in the Wizarding World, we get to see the theme of love in Wizards Unite. Unrequited love, lost love, and new Foundables are all part of the plan this month as we continue to fight (or stifle?) the Calamity. Featured image credit to Orange Wizard.

Get out your quills and calendars because it’s bound to be an action-packed month in Wizards Unite! Of course, we have already covered Part 2 of the Darkest of Times Brilliant Event (February 4-11) and Harry Potter Book Night (February 5-7), but we included them in the list below for posterity. I’ve also included a video on my YouTube channel if you aren’t able to read the whole guide at the moment!


Here is the list of events (as well as a brief description of each)!

Darkest of Times Brilliant Event Part 2: February 4–11

When February 4 – 11 1pm PDT – 1pm PDT
Features Continue to honor Dumbledore’s legacy by returning Brilliant Foundables related to key memories of his fight against Voldemort, including the Pensieve.

Check out our guide to the full event here!

Harry Potter Book Night 2020

When February 5 – 7 11am local – 11am local
Features Celebrate the classic magical contest by completing special tasks and encountering Dragon Eggs, the Goblet of Fire Foundable, and more.

Check out our guide to Book Night here!

Crazy In Love Event

When February 11 – 13 11am PDT – 11am PDT
Features Deflect the advances of a variety of love-stricken Oddities.

This, much like the Frosty Foundables event in January, is a unique event unlike any we have seen before in Wizards Unite. There are still some details being hammered out in regards to what exactly we can expect to see in the wild or if there are new Foundables involved, but rest assured that we will share more information as soon as we’re able!

Lost Love Brilliant Event Part 1

When February 13–20 11 AM PDT – 11 AM PDT
Features Help protect cherished memories of wizarding world loved ones by returning Brilliant Foundables including Minerva McGonagall.

Oooh, don’t get me started on the sad, sappy love story of Minerva McGonagall and Dougal McGregor! I am VERY interested to see what our favorite Transfiguration professor has to say about us recovering Foundables from her personal life. I will link to the Wizarding World article (here) that discusses not only her past love, Dougal, but also the sad story of her upbringing in secrecy.

February Community Day

When February 23 11 AM LOCAL
Features Take on a variety of mischievous Oddities, including rare Doxies and Leprechauns, while making use of bonuses to Tonic for Trace Detection Potions.

Community Day falls on a Sunday this month, which is honestly slightly maddening. I would love to have a more predictable schedule since the player base often have to plan far ahead, but hopefully a few weeks is enough time!

I have seen fewer and fewer spawns of Doxy and Leprechauns as of late, so I am all in for this Community Day! I can’t wait to keep pushing my Oddities pages toward that beautiful Gold!

Lost Love Brilliant Event Part 2

When February 25–March 3 11 AM PDT – 11 AM PDT
Features Put memories of tragic romances to rest by returning Brilliant Foundables including Severus Snape and the Mirror of Erised.

Ah, Snape.. Need I say more? Perhaps the most tragic hero of the entire series, Snape will take a step into the limelight alongside several other unique Foundables in the second part of the Lost Love Brilliant Event.

What do YOU think about the upcoming events? As I said, February is going to be PACKED full of goodies, XP, and more! Personally, I am looking forward to the continuation of the narrative. Not necessarily small moments of nostalgia, but larger movements into the mysteries of the Calamity, its Traces, and why it seems to be using the calendar against us!

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What do you think about the upcoming events in Wizards Unite? Let us know in the comment section!

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Silver Shoelaces
Silver Shoelaces
1 year ago

I’m happy that Community Day is finally on a Sunday again. I haven’t been able to participate in any of the Community Days except one because they were all on Saturdays. It’d be nice for all of us if Niantic could come up with a consistent pattern so we know what to expect, though. I think the only reason this one ended up on Sunday was because there wasn’t room to put CD on any other weekend, and it coincides with Pokemon Go’s (which they almost certainly learned was a mistake when they were at the exact same time in… Read more »

Todd Allis
Todd Allis
1 year ago

Also the 9th is a full moon! Hoping to find some werewolves this weekend.

Jeff Lanam
Jeff Lanam
1 year ago

Maybe the Oddities Community Day can have more likely Horned Serpents, for those of us in dry climates? I have to cross a mountain range to find any.