A Beginner’s Guide to Soloing Fortresses in Wizards Unite

Wizards Unite Fortress Illustration

To learn the basics about Fortresses, check out the article on Wizards Unite Hub. To follow up on the article, Choosing a Profession in Wizards Unite, this article focuses more on solo gameplay and goes into more depth about spells and key skills.


Special thanks to @Mycenius, @cmdtrain, @Iced, and @Half_Blood_Princess on our Discord server for help on some of the data and for sharing their experiences. Join the server and help build the Hub directly!

Soloing Fortresses

  • Aurors are powerful attackers – high Power, Precision, and Critical Power.
  • Magizoologists are healing tanks – low Power and high Stamina, but if they stay above 4 Focus, they get a huge Power boost!
  • Professors are hybrid spellcasters. Hybrid in this sense means that most of their stats are average and their spells are diverse with two charms and one hex.

The most common question is “Which profession is best at soloing?”

“Any!” Players have noticed that none of the professions seem noticeably better than the others when soloing fortresses. Due to lessons, stats, and strategic spells, profession seem balanced. All professions also rely on using lots of Healing potions (to restore Stamina) and Exstimulo potions (to increase Power) to get through tough chambers.

One goal of any solo player is to unlock all 20 chambers in the fortress. In just less than a month of playing, @Half_Blood_Princess, a magizoologist, successfully solo’d all 20 chambers! They had over 100 completed lessons in their lesson book and conquered it on the third try! As players unlock more skills and spells, chambers get easier to manage. Check the bottom of the article for tables about key spells and skills that boost a profession’s ability to unlock chambers.

Soloing Fortresses as an Auror

Wizards Unite Auror
Wizards Unite Auror

Aurors have high Power, Precision, Critical Power, and Defense Breach to finish battles the quickest. They should focus on the left-side of their skill tree to get more Power and Stamina on the way to the 3rd Weakness Hex lesson and the 2nd Confusion Hex lesson. After the hexes, Aurors have clear groups of lessons and can choose Power or Defense. When Aurors max out their Precision and Critical Power, their full damage comes online.

Aurors should always cast their two debuff hexes (only 1 Focus per cast, each) on every Foe:

  1. Weakness Hex: To reduce a Foe’s Power by up to -50% Power (to take less damage). People think Aurors need to use more Healing Potions, but this hex might change your mind (Not fully tested, not enough high-level Aurors).
  2. Confusion Hex: To reduce a Foe’s Defense, Defense Breach, and Dodge by up to -60%. This means a Foe takes more damage (if they have Defense), hits for less (if they have any Defense Breach), won’t dodge your spells as much (if they have Dodge). Only strong Werewolves and strong Dark Wizards have Defense and Defense Breach. Only strong Pixies and strong Erklings have Dodge. When Players run into problems with dodging Pixies or ‘Powerful’ Werewolves (increase Power and Defense), an Auror shines by negating all of those enhancements with this hex.
  • Bat-Bogey Hex (0 Focus) is spammable (6 second cooldown), but only does 3 damage.
  • Transferring Focus (1 Focus) is useless when soloing.

Soloing Fortresses as a Magizoologist

Wizards Unite Magizoologist
Wizards Unite Magizoologist

Magizoologists have the most Stamina by far (32% more Stamina than Professors). Magizoologists can also self-heal up to 30% Stamina using 2 Focus for a Stamina Charm, but only in-between battles. That said, they probably take more damage (even with higher Defense), because their low Power prolongs a battle. Magizoologists battle a Foe. Heal. Repeat. However, their skill, ‘A Bird in Hand,’ gives ’40 Power while Player has at least 5 Focus.’  Using that strategy, Magizoologists stay healed with Healing Potions and deal more damage.

  • Mending Charm (0 Focus) is spammable (6 second cooldown), but only heals 4 Stamina points.
  • Revive Charm isn’t useful without a teammate.
  • Bravery Charm (7 Focus, up to +150% Power vs Elite Foes) is useful against Elite Foes, but might take you under 5 Focus.

Soloing Fortresses as a Professor

Wizards Unite Professor
Wizards Unite Professor

Professors are in the middle of the pack: medium Power and medium Defense. Professors don’t have any ‘must have’ lessons, so they can go learn all of the cheaper lessons first. Though, it is wise to rush to get the 3rd Deterioration Hex lesson and 2nd Protection Charm. In battle, professors can start with a Protection Charm (3 Focus) to give them more Defense (35-50%) to block damage for the whole fortress chamber. Then for the rest of the Foes, cast a Deterioration Hex (3 Focus) to deal up to 160 damage per round (attack and defend) against each Foe. It’s strategically better to cast a Protection Charm before the first battle then a Weakening Hex against each Foe after that. On paper, Deterioration Hex seems to be extremely overpowered. Their skills, ‘Ideal Exchange’ and ‘Restricted Section,’ add +5 Power and +6% Defense with a Protection Charm and Deterioration Hex active.

  • Proficiency Charm (7 Focus) is probably only useful in groups, because of its high casting cost and number of players affected.
  • Mending Charm (0 Focus) is spammable (6 second cooldown), but only heals 4 Stamina points.

When Do Professions Get their Spells and Key Skills?

Looking at their Skill Trees, there are 16 rows of spells, starting from the top, all of the way to bottom – the farther down in the skill tree, the higher the scroll and spell book cost.

The number in parenthesis next to the skill is how many tiers (similar to ranks or levels) show up on the skill tree. The other numbers are the row of the skill tree – a lower number means faster access to the skill.


Spells Focus 1st Tier 2nd Tier 3rd Tier
Weakening Hex (3 tiers): 3, 7, and 11 1 -25% -10% (-35%) -15% (-50%)
Bat-Bogey Hex (2 tiers): 4 and 6 0 Small amount -1 Small amount -2 (-3) (none)
Focus Charm (1 tier): 7 1 Transfer 1 (none) (none)
Confusion Hex (3 tiers): 11, 12, and 15

Impair Defense and Dodge

Impair Defense Breach

  • -20% Dodge
  • -20% Defense Breach
  • -20% Defense
  • -20% Dodge
  • -20% Defense Breach
  • -20% Defense

(-40% all)

  • -20% Dodge
  • -20% Defense Breach
  • -20% Defense

(-60% all)

Note: Confusion Hex doesn’t list its stats when first unlocked.

Key Skills Key Stats: Power, Stamina, Proficiency Power, Precision, and Critical Power
35% Precision vs Foes with 100% Stamina: 10
  • At row 10, 18% Precision + 35% first hit
  • At row 13, 35% Precision + 35% first hit
50% Critical Power vs Foes with 100% Stamina: 16
(Start with 50% Critical Power)
  • At row 6, 72% Critical Power
  • At row 14, 120% Critical Power
  • At row 16, 170% Critical Power vs full-health Foes
25 Precision vs Death Eaters: 16 At row 16, 95% Precision vs Death Eaters
Proficiency Power (Start with 20%)
  • Row 10: 49% Proficiency Power
  • Rows 12 and 13: 148% Proficiency Power



Spells Focus 1st Tier 2nd Tier 3rd Tier
Stamina Charm (3 tiers):  3, 8, and 14 2 15% 5% (20%) 10% (30%)
Mending Charm (2 tiers): 4 and 6 0 Small amount (2) Small amount +2 (4 Stamina) (none)
Revive Charm (2 tiers): 7 and 14 1 Revive + 70% Revive + 30% (100%) (none)
Bravery Charm (2 tiers): 11 and 15 7 60% 90% (150%) (none)

Key Skills Key Stats: Stamina, Proficiency Power, Defense, and Initial Focus
40 Power while Player has at least 5 Focus: 10 Rush to get this and then get more Initial Focus
Initial Focus: 9 and 15
  • At row 9, 4 Initial Focus
  • At row 15, 5 Initial Focus
Proficiency Power (Start with 20%)
  • Row 4: 49% Proficiency Power
  • Rows 14 and 15: 148% Proficiency Power



Spells Focus 1st Tier 2nd Tier 3rd Tier 4th Tier
Deterioration Hex (4 tiers): 3, 4, 8, and 14
(when a Foe attacks or defends)
3 -10 -20
Mending Charm (2 tiers): 4 and 6 0 Small amount (2) Small amount +2 (4 Stamina) (none) (none)
Protection Charm (3 tiers): 7, 9, and 14 3 15% 15%
Proficiency Charm (3 tiers): 11, 13, and 15 7 12% 15%

Note: Deterioration Hex, Protection Charm, and Proficiency Charm don’t list their stats when first unlocked.

Key Skills Key Stats: Power, Stamina, Proficiency Power, Initial Focus, and Max Focus
Initial Focus: 8

Max Focus: 10 and 13

  • At row 8, 4 Initial Focus
  • At row 10, 10 Max Focus
  • At row 13, 15 Max Focus
Proficiency Power (Start with 20%)
  • Row 6: 73% Proficiency Power
  • Row 14: 150% Proficiency Power
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Stefan K
Stefan K
2 years ago

“Aurors should always cast their two debuff hexes (only 1 Focus per cast, each) on every Foe” – This doesn’t seem to work as it is only possible to use one debuff at a time? So I can only exchange debuffs, but not stack those two hexes on one foe.