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All aboard the Knight Bus to Hogwarts! I will be your conductor on this fine fine day, and also your SOS Task Force instructor. During our brief journey together, I will instruct you on the proper use of Runestones in Wizarding Challenges in order to best work together against the Calamity.

All fun aside, this is the ultimate guide to Runestones in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.


I do have a video which includes a lot of screen recordings if that helps!

Runestones in Wizards Unite

Runestones are one of many resources you collect and spend in Wizards Unite. Luckily your Vault has unlimited capacity for Runestones, so you don’t need to be careful about storing up Runestones.

You spend Runestones doing Wizarding Challenges. This is essentially the fee required to enter a Chamber in a Fortress to do a Wizarding Challenge.

How do I earn Runestones in Wizards Unite?

There are multiple ways to earn Runestones in Wizards Unite.

  1. Level up a Foundable Family in your Registry. Every time you level up, you receive a Runestone of that same Family. For example, if I level up Oddities, then I receive an Oddity Runestone. The higher your level, the better chance of earning a high-level Runestone.
  2. Buy a bag of Runestones in Diagon Alley. For 40 Gold, you can buy a bag of Runestones. This will contain 1 Level 1 Runestone of each Family.
  3. Open a Runestone Gift. Friends can send you different types of Runestone gifts: regular, Sponsored, Essential, and Extravagant. Each of these will contain 1 Runestone. The Family is random, and the Runestone level depends on the type of Gift.
  4. Get Runestones during a Wizards Unite event. This doesn’t happen often, but occasionally there will be a free store pack or a paid store pack that contains Runestones.

Which Runestone should I use in a Wizarding Challenge?

You need to consider two factors when choosing a Runestone for a Wizarding Challenge. What is the Runestone level, and what is the Runestone Family?

The quick and easy guide to choosing which level of Runestone to use is this:

  1. Ruins I-V
  2. Tower I-V
  3. Forest I-V
  4. Dark I-IV
  5. Dark V

You don’t have to follow that recommendation, but it’s a balanced approach to maximizing the multiplier effect of your Runestone level and your Chamber level.

Note: The chart in the article below needs to be updated, but the overall strategy is still the same, and applies to my advice for choosing Runestones.

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Personally, I use old Brilliant Runestones (always Level 1) in Ruins I-IV. Then I use any other Level 1 Runestones in Ruins V-Tower I. For now, because of the bugs with the Knight Bus, I’m also using Level 3 Runestones in the Dark Chambers so that I don’t lose my precious Level 4-5 Runestones.

To choose the best Family Runestone, look at your Exploration Registry. Which Fortress-exclusive Fragments do you still need? Don’t look at just a single page. Look at everything within a Family. Ideally, you will work on a Family when you’re missing some Challenge Foundables from all the pages. This eliminates the possibility of getting Foundable Fragments you don’t need.

Of course, this strategy isn’t possible with all Families. For example, to prestige Triwizard Maze under Magical Games and Sports, you need both the Triwizard Cup and the Quidditch Through the Ages Book, both found by doing Wizarding Challenges with a Magical Games and Sports Runestone.

Final thoughts on Runestones

Ultimately, it’s your decision how to use your Runestones. It just breaks my heart to see all these Level 4-5 Runestones in Tower Chambers!

Do you have any questions about Runestones in Wizards Unite? Drop a comment below.

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Lennart Fuling
Lennart Fuling
28 days ago

Remember that you can get back in the fight after a network error if you force shut down the app and start it again.
If it doesn’t work you can report the lost item in the help menu and get it back if you are lucky.
Hopefully the bug will be fixed soon

27 days ago

Runestone Comment & Question ~~ This was a helpful review, thanks! I also just want to give a shout-out to all the WU folks who have continued to revise and tweak the game-play to help keep us safe and happy! Question about the RUNE vault: Is they a way for players to organize their runestones? Right now there doesn’t appear to be much rhyme or reason to the way the list is presented. Granted, I’ve worked in a library for 30 years, so I could be (a bit) anal. But, an example of my vault list starts with: Top Row… Read more »

John hulls
John hulls
26 days ago

I have been saving a lot of brilliant rune stones in anticipation of an event similar to that last Halloween when in addition to the brilliant family xp you also got dark arts xp from fortress challenges. That got me a substantial amount of Dark Arts runestones.

Gordon White
Gordon White
24 days ago

Thanks for keeping up with some wonderful reviews. Having battled in many Dark V chambers with different teams I’d like to suggest some tactics for those taking on the Dark chambers in the fortresses. This is based on each profession being maxed or close to it. First the best team selection magizoologist – professor – professor – auror – auror next best magizoologist x2 – professor x2 – auror magizoologist – professor x3 – auror magizoologist – professor – auror x3 These teams can easily beat dark V without using any potions. Don’t attempt it without at least one professor… Read more »

Armanti Rashad
Armanti Rashad
23 days ago

I’ve needed this so bad. Thank you for this.

Kostya Artemov
Kostya Artemov
3 days ago

I have a question based on the video:
You had all already returned foundables as 8/8, 15/15, etc.
Is there a reason of not clicking them to return them again and earn more family XP and spells?