Potter’s Calamity Brilliant Event Guide: Week 2


Thank you zviznemte from Discord for helping with this article. Your insights were invaluable!


Potter’s Calamity Brilliant Event is actually two separate weeks. The first week is going on right now. This guide focuses on the second week, July 30th to August 6th.

If you’re avoiding spoilers, then switch to our article with the basic information about the upcoming Brilliant Events. Otherwise, keep reading to see the new Brilliant Foundables and discover the Brilliant Event tasks!

UPDATE: hpwu_fazes has made an announcement regarding the event, and the previous event for part 1. Details are as follows.

  • On the Map, you will also find a Brilliant Golden Snitch, for the Week Two Registry Page.
  • On the Map, will still find Brilliant Quidditch Captain Harry and Brilliant Hedwig to help those of you who did not complete the Part One Registry Page.
  • New Portkeys from Week Two will give you Harry’s Ministry ID Card.
  • Portkeys from Part One will still give you the Harry’s Trunk image for the Part One Registry Page.
  • The remaining Foundables on the Part Two Registry Page, Department of Magical Law Enforcement Badge, London 5 Photograph, and Framed Family Photo, you will receive as you complete the Event Quests.
  • Potter’s Calamity Runestones will give you Daily Prophet Fragments
  • After Part Two is over, these Runestones will start to drop either Daily Prophet or Harry’s Weasley Sweater Fragments

Guide to Week 2 of Potter’s Calamity Brilliant Event!

This guide will cover all the tasks you need to do to complete the second week of Potter’s Calamity Brilliant Event. You’ll also find tips and tricks to get through the event!

Brilliant Event Overview

Event Name

Potter’s Calamity Brilliant Event (Week 2)

Date + Time

  • Starts July 30th, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time
  • Ends on August 6th, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time

  • The Calamity is creating an unusual number of Foundables related to Harry Potter.
  • Event-only 7k Portkeys, Brilliant Foundables, Brilliant Runestones, and Brilliant Event tasks.

  • Earn up to 15 Restricted Section Books.
  • Earn a Red Sock with Brooms sticker, an Ornate Harry frame, a Stag Patronus sticker, and a Taped Glasses lens for your Ministry ID.
  • Earn 50 Gold.


Brilliant Event Tasks

So these are just the tasks for the second week of the Potter’s Calamity Brilliant Event. Like the previous week for Potter’s Calamity, the quest line is split into four sections. You have to complete each section before progressing to the next one.

Potter’s Calamity 1

The first section is easy to complete. I’d recommend having a Portkey close to unlocking by the start of the event.

Pick Up 5 Ingredients or Portmanteaus 10 Brilliant Family XP
Dine at Inns 2 times 10 Brilliant Family XP
Return 5 Medium-Threat Foundables 15 Brilliant Family XP

Section 1 Rewards:

  • 500 XP
  • 20 Brilliant Family XP
  • 2 Restricted Section Books
  • Red Sock Red with Brooms Sticker

Potter’s Calamity 2

The second section is also reasonably easy to complete. It really comes down to effort.

Return 2 Brilliant Golden Snitch Fragments 300 XP
Unlock 4 Portkey Portmanteaus 2 Restricted Section Books
Perform 10 Great Spell Casts 5 Brilliant Family XP

Section 2 Rewards:

  • 2 Potent Exstimulo Potions
  • 2 Restricted Section Books
  • 1 DMLE Badge Fragment
  • Ornate Harry Frame

Potter’s Calamity 3

The third section is a bit of a challenge, especially if you live in a rural area without many Traces. You might need to use Dark Detectors to complete these tasks.

Return 4 High Threat Foundables 500 XP
Return 3 Brilliant Golden Snitch Fragments 500 XP
Return 4 Dark Arts Family Foundables 15 Brilliant Family XP

Section 3 Rewards:

  • 25 Brilliant Family XP
  • 2 Restricted Section Books
  • 1 London Five Photograph Fragment
  • Stag Patronus Sticker

Potter’s Calamity 4

The fourth section can be difficult if you struggle to find enough Ministry Family Foundables. However, the other tasks are all based on your own efforts! They might take time, but you can do them!

Brew 8 Potions 750 XP
Use 8 Potions 10 Brilliant Family XP
Defeat 3 Common Dark Wizards 15 Brilliant Family XP

Section 4 Rewards:

  • 7 Restricted Section Books
  • 1 Framed Family Photo (Ginny, Albus, James, Lily) Fragment
  • 50 Gold
  • Taped Glasses Lens

Brilliant Foundables and Where to Find Them

Unlike the previous Brilliant Event, you will only be able to encounter one of these Brilliant Foundables in the wild. The others can be found through Fortress Challenges, special 7k Portkeys, and event tasks.

Brilliant Where to find it Fragments to collect

Golden Snitch

Wild Encounter 12

DMLE Badge

Section 2 Event Task Reward 1

London Five Photograph

Section 3 Event Task Reward 1

Framed Family Photo (Ginny, Albus, James, Lily)

Section 4 Event Task Reward 1

Hogwarts Heroes Daily Prophet
Use a Brilliant Runestone in Fortress Challenges 3

Harry’s Ministry ID Card

Unlock 7km Portkey Portmanteau 3

Tips to Complete the Brilliant Event

With two Potter’s Calamity Brilliant Events as well as a Community Day all back to back to back, we want to provide you with as many tips as possible to maximize your efforts.

  • Keep your Ingredients stocked so you can easily brew potions in the fourth section. Choose 2-hour potions to complete this task more quickly.
  • Save 2k Portmanteaus to open on the second chapter. Again, this will speed up the completion of the overall event.
  • If you’re having trouble finding High Threat Foundables, use Dark Detectors on Inns.
  • 7k Portmanteaus can still be opened after the Brilliant Event ends, BUT if you unlock it after the next Brilliant Event begins, you’ll receive different rewards. Unlock your Portkeys wisely!
  • If you’re trying to find Brilliant Foundables or specific Family Foundables, do not play in an area with a Family Flag. Traces will be more diverse in an area not marked by a Flag.
  • Save your Scrolls and your Restricted Section Books until the end of the event. Then use our guide to spend them wisely!
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Kenneth Tittle
Kenneth Tittle(@kennethtittle)
2 years ago

Question, how do you figure 15 restricted section books? 1st is 2, 2nd is 2, 3rd is 2, and 4th is 7, making 13. Which is what my trio of friends & I received. How do we get the remaining 2 for 15? (I could really use the other 2 so any info is greatly appreciated)


Kat Leahey-Oliveira
Kat Leahey-Oliveira(@katleahey-oliveira)
2 years ago
Reply to  Kenneth Tittle

1st=2, 2nd= 4, 3rd= 2 4th=7

Kenneth Tittle
Kenneth Tittle(@kennethtittle)
2 years ago

ah, this lists 2 for 1-3 and since I went through them already I cant go back and see. though from that I started with and ended with, its still adding to 13.

Pauk En
Pauk En(@pauken)
2 years ago
Reply to  Kenneth Tittle

You get 2 each for the first three sections equaling 6. You get 7 for the last one = 13. The other 2 are given when you unlock the 4 portkeys in section 2. = 15.

Megan Pederson
Megan Pederson(@meganpederson)
2 years ago

Anybody else having trouble finding Common Dark Wizards in wizarding challenges to defeat? I only managed to find one to battle, and I’ve done quite a few fortress challenges while working on the last section of the event. Also, my 7 km portkeys seem to keep giving me the reward from the Potter week 1 event instead of the week 2 event. Is this happening to anyone else?