Nature & Nifflers & Poachers, oh my!


This Harry Potter: Wizards Unite guide is focused on the one-off event called Nature & Nifflers! The event will have all kinds of spawns for the Magizoology Family in the form of a new Oddity mechanic called the Poacher (explained below).

I have also included a video guide from my YouTube channel in case you are unable to read through all the tasks, or if you prefer video format!


Nature & Nifflers Event Overview

Event Name Nature & Nifflers
Date + Time

  • Starts on April 28th, 2020 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific
  • Ends on April 30th, 2020 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific

  • A new Oddity encounter, the Poacher!
  • Tonic for Trace Detection increases chances of encountering a Poacher or Newt Scamander
  • Special 1 km Portkeys that reward either Thunderbird or Occamy fragments

  • Earn up to 2 Silver Keys
  • Earn up to 2 Unicorn Hair
  • 3 Red Spell Books
  • And a lot more!

How the Poacher Plays

The Poacher (see image below) is a new Confoundable known for trafficking creatures in order to gain something from it. It’s up to you to rescue the creatures contained by the Poacher by battling them. Look out for Oddity traces on your map. (They do not have a colorful flare).

Once you encounter and defeat a Poacher, the Poacher will then “drop” the items and Foundables they are carrying with them. After exiting your one-on-one duel, look around the map for Magizoology Foundables! The Poacher has dropped them in his haste and left behind rewards for you to reap! These are the Foundables you can rescue from the map after the Poacher leaves:

  • Niffler
  • Mooncalf
  • Billywig
  • Young Graphorn
  • Baby Niffler
  • Occamy Eggs (!)
  • Unicorn (!!)
  • Newt Scamander (!!!)

Keep in mind that there are a few of the above Foundables that are extra tricky to return! Try to stock up on Dawdle Draughts and Exstimulo Potions as much as possible before facing a difficult Confoundable! Another note: returning Traces the Poacher has left behind can also reward you rare Potion Ingredients, Tonic for Trace Detection, Gold, or Silver Keys alongside the Foundable fragment you returned!

Nature & Nifflers Event Tasks

Quest Step Reward
Return 20 Common Poacher Foundables 2 Erumpent Horn
Use Tonic for Trace Detection 3 Times 2 Powdered Dragon Claw
Earn 7000 Wizarding XP 1 Unicorn Hair
Return 30 Magizoology Family Foundables 1 Unicorn Hair
Return 10 Nifflers and/or Baby Nifflers 20 Gold
Return 10 High Foundables 2 Silver Keys

Note: the increased spawns will not stop after completing the questline. After completing the six steps above (in any order) you will be granted the following rewards for completing the event!

  • 3 Red Spell Books
  • 1 Dawdle Draught
  • 300 Wizarding XP

Nature & Nifflers Bundles

Complimentary Conservationist Pack

Spell Energy 50
Silver Key 1
Tonic for Trace Detection 1
Price Free

Intrepid Explorers Pack

Tonic for Trace Detection 1
Silver Keys 4
Spell Energy 100
Price 420 Gold

Conservation Champion Pack

Dawdle Draught 2
Tonic for Trace Detection 4
Spell Energy 100
Price 420

What do you think about the Nature & Nifflers event? I, for one, am so excited to see what the Poacher encounter is like when it finally lands in the game. Connect with us on social media and show off your encounters with those putrid Poachers!

Special thanks to Orange Wizard for the featured image!

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Lang Mariner
Lang Mariner
6 months ago

Awesome needs more twists. Love the Knights Bus . Add me if you want Runestone gifts. 0399 0217 6073

6 months ago

Why is the poacher only leaving Doxy fragments? That wasn’t even one of the list of possible fragments the poacher might leave behind.

Todd Allis
Todd Allis
6 months ago
Reply to  angrydave

That’s not what the poacher is leaving behind. The poacher is a reskinned Doxy. You’ll see Magizoology foundables show up after you catch each poacher.

magdalena dawidowska
magdalena dawidowska
6 months ago

I love this event! 😉
add me 8445 4129 2962

Melissa Oswald
Melissa Oswald
6 months ago

I thought the event was a lot of fun! But it was annoying that the Poacher took 2-3 spells to defeat.

Caitlin Mains
Caitlin Mains
5 months ago

The unicorn was way rarer then Newt?