Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Guide


With Hogwarts Mystery rolling out today, we decided to create a quick guide on the game, covering most important topics. We want to be very clear with our readers before they dive deep into this game: it is very, very easy. Hogwarts Mystery is basically a story which you click through and, despite the story being able to branch off in various directions, none of those directions provides a challenge.

Therefor, we’re including a comprehensive video guide published by The Squibbler on Youtube today, and we’re only going to cover the most important aspects of the game and the ones that can actually hurt you.


Base stats and character traits

Each character you create has three core stats:

  • Courage
  • Empathy
  • Knowledge

With each of the stats increasing your effect on the game and providing additional dialog options that otherwise wouldn’t be available. In essence, there is no “best stat”, but we found that high Empathy provides a very interesting experience and fun dialog options.

As every Hogwarts student, you too will be sorted into one of the four houses. You earn points towards your house by actively playing and not failing lessons, challenges and various events that you end up doing.

Winning the yearly House Cup will reward 100 Gems, which makes this a very lucrative option in the long run.

Energy system and how to earn energy

Your entire Hogwarts Mystery game play is limited by a simple energy system that you spend in order to complete missions and lessons. The game will give you one energy refill every 4:00 minutes, which in term limits the pace at which free to play players will progress through the story.

There are only four ways to earn energy:

  1. Wait it out – the game rewards 1 Energy token every four minutes
  2. Leveling up –  resets your energy bar and increases capacity by one
  3. In-game purchases – costs Gems and is rather expensive
  4. Secret energy locations – scattered around Hogwarts, there are special portraits which reward energy tokens when you click them. Secret energy locations timers are seemingly randomly reset and there are probably more locations that we missed.
    • East Tower: The lady portrait in the middle
    • West Tower: at the far right end, there are two portraits, the left one is your target
    • Lower Floor East: the unlit fire pillar to the right of the Great Hall entrance
    • Dungeons: tap on the left to the right of the Kitchens entrance
    • Castle Grounds: swipe to the right, tap on the twig

In-game currency explained

  • Coins are more or less useless and are very common.
  • Gems are premium currency which is used for almost all in-game purchases. Gems are rare and rather expensive, so winning the yearly House Cup is essential for free-to-play players
  • Energy is your main resource for progressing through the game. If you don’t have Energy, you can’t play, simple as that.

Dueling and conversations with characters

We really don’t have much to say about this, as both are very simplistic. Duels work in a rock-paper-scissor fashion and your choices are mostly driven by luck and some skillful charm drawing.

Conversations with other characters have three options, one is bad, one is neutral, one is correct, and you basically have to figure out the correct one and click it. Luckily, this doesn’t spend Energy.

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