Guide to Managing Spell Energy in Wizards Unite

Wizards Unite Daily Rewards

Spell Energy is one of the core resources in Wizards Unite, roughly equivalent of Pokeballs in Wizards. Players need energy to complete Traces and return Foundables and to participate in Fortress battles. Spell Energy is one of the limiting resources early in the game and some players have found it hard to play without spending money on it. This guide is targeted at free to play players who want to minimize the necessity to spend money on Energy.

How to get Spell Energy

Wizards Unite Inns
Wizards Unite Inns
  • Inns are the primary source of Spell Energy and give out 1 to 10 Spell Energy
  • Inns have a 5 minute cooldown, but not all Inns give the same amount. In higher density areas, Inns give less energy on average
  • Greenhouses can also give out a small amount of Energy (2 Spell Energy)
  • Upgrading your Energy Capacity is very important. There are a few ways to go about this:
    • It’s not clear what the Energy Cap is yet, but according to experiments that were performed during the New Zealand Beta, it can go over 500
    • You can get 150 coins from daily rewards if you open them regularly for 15 days. Don’t miss out!
    • Vault Extensions upgrade costs 475 Coins and gives you 10 Spell Energy, 30 Ingredient and 10 Potion capacity. This is a good deal, but you only save 25 Coins if you buy it overall.
    • Spell Energy Capacity upgrade costs 150 Coins and gives you 10 Energy capacity, which is a good deal when you want to focus only on Spell Energy.

How to conserve and spend Energy wisely

Guide to Managing Spell Energy in Wizards Unite
Guide to Managing Spell Energy in Wizards Unite, credits to AlwaysEverywhen

Failing Traces will cost you Energy for no reason at all. Get good, as you will be able to return Foundables in less attempts, thus spending less Energy on the process. This should come as no surprise, but we wanted to emphasize this – getting good at traces is a long term investment that pays off heavily.


Save Energy for higher threat level Foundables – this may seem silly, but they are quite rare and not having Energy to take them on is infuriating. If you’re swimming in Energy, farm up on Low level foundables, as this will give XP and help you level up, which increases the chance your spells will be successful.

In order to conserve Spell Energy, don’t spend it on Greenhouse pots and don’t farm high level Fortress floors for XP – there are better ways to get XP.

Tips from Players

We’re sharing an excellent write up by Ozeagle on the official WU subreddit.

For most players magic energy will be in short supply at times. It’s important to know where to invest that limited energy. Trying to return every foundable you see is tempting but often not a smart way to play. So some tips on choosing what to go after and what to run away from. These ONLY apply when you are short of energy or in a hurry, if time and magic energy are of no consequence then of course return everything you see!

  • I always try to keep 8 to 10 energy on hand exclusively for Severe and Emergency traces. Encountering one of these with no energy is a nightmare you don’t want to face.
  • If you do encounter a Severe or Emergency then feel free to throw every last drop of energy at it. These things are rare, the chance of finding another one before you get to an inn is very slim. Throw potions and energy at it and cross your fingers!
  • Try to keep a mental note of which stickers you’ve completed. Returning more of these completed foundables gives significantly reduced Family XP rewards so is not a good investment if energy is limited.
  • Look through the registry and learn which foundables are “gateway” foundables. These are the foundables that are the rarest on their page. For example, the Dark Arts family has 3 Medium Threat foundables: Vanishing Cabinet, Hag and Ministry Executioner. But only the Vanishing Cabinet is a gateway foundable, as all the others on its page are Low Threat more common foundables. Gateway foundables are much better to spend energy on when you’re low. The others are not as interesting because by the time you get the 15 Emergency foundable fragments on page 2 you will have encountered literally hundreds of the Medium foundables on that page.
  • This next one I admit even I find hard to stick to… in the greater scheme of things High Threat Foundables are not as exciting as they look. So while it’s tempting, especially early on, to throw potions and every last bit of spell energy at them, try to control yourself. While I am still missing fragments for most high threat foundables I still won’t use my last 8 or 10 energy on them and will only use Exstimulo potions when I have a healthy surplus. They do occur with reasonable frequency, nothing like the rarity of Severe and Emergency.
  • While it is a natural assumption that all Low Threat foundables would have similar spawn rates it’s not the case. It seems that on each easy page there is at least one Low Threat foundable that appears far less than the others. For example the Gryffindor Student on Hogwarts School page one and the Acromantula Eggs on page two of the Care of Magical Creatures family. This becomes more relevant once you prestige these pages and need more fragments. At that point it’s good to understand which are the “rare-ish” foundables on each page. That way when you’re low on energy you can happily run from the Commons but consider using some energy on the rare-ish ones to keep pushing towards that next prestige.

Hopefully you’ll always be swimming in boundless energy and can happily ignore all these tips. But if you find yourself, like most of us do, struggling for energy at times then some of these might be useful.

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Jeffrey Toale
Jeffrey Toale
2 years ago

Could use info on the different colored Inns, and the different foods/SE awards they offer. There are 5 different colors, each offering a different menu; Meaning different chances at different amounts of Spell Energy.
Quick tip: Always use Green roofed Inns when possible, as they offer the highest possible SE aside from Sponsor Inns.

Erik Karlsson
Erik Karlsson
2 years ago

I’ve never had any problem with spell energy, ok it’s happened once that I’ve run out, I was running fortresses and I was about to beat the fifth or so continuous run when I ran out, I hadn’t even realized that every spellcast drained an energy. It was quite frustrating, needing just another spell or two to beat it.. anyway I’ve been low on energy several times but I usually just farm it up again, visiting the local inn whenever I check my phone or I’ll go outside a quickie 5-10m I usually take a small route to visit 4-7… Read more »

Tim Spellman
Tim Spellman
2 years ago

A tip to retain more spell energy than the Spell Vault capacity. When you dine at an inn, it can bring you a little over your Spell Vault capacity. Say your Spell Vault capacity is 100 and you had 98 spell power in your vault. If dining at an inn grants you 10 more spell power, your Spell Vault will wind up with 108 spell power in it. When you pick up an ingredient or a portkey to satisfy your daily, you are granted 15 spell power. If you hold off Collecting that spell power until after you have filled… Read more »