Creature Discomforts Brilliant Event Part 1

Creature Discomforts Brilliant Event Week 1. Artwork depicts Hagrid's Hut with baby creatures in the garden.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is facing a surge of baby beasts in May’s first Brilliant Event! Following on from the the April Calendar, the Creature Discomforts Brilliant Event will run Monday to Monday, instead of the typical Tuesday to Tuesday.

This article will cover Creature Discomforts Brilliant Event Part 1. Check back for Part 2 in a couple weeks.



Note: Thank you Niantic and WB Games for providing this information early so Wizards Unite Hub could create this event guide. 

Creature Discomforts Brilliant Event Part 1 Guide

As usual, this Brilliant Event has been adapted so you can play at home. Please follow all local guidelines for safe play during the pandemic.

Keep reading to learn all the details of Creature Discomforts Brilliant Event Part 1.

Event Name Creature Discomforts Brilliant Event (Part 1)
Date + Time

  • Starts on May 3rd, 2021 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time
  • Ends on May 10th, 2021 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time

  • Event-only 1.5k Portkeys, Brilliant Foundables, Brilliant Runestones, and Brilliant Event tasks
  • The following Foundables will be boosted on the Map and when using Tonic for Trace Detection:
    • -Mooncalf
    • -Three-Headed Dog
  • Free store pack featuring:
    • -Ingredients for 1 Tonic for Trace Detection (6 Baneberry, 4 Bulbadox Juice, 4 Angel’s Trumpet, 2 Erumpent Horn)
    • -25 Spell Energy
All Possible Rewards

  • Earn up to 15 Restricted Section Books.
  • Earn up to 4 total Spell Books.
  • Earn up to 10 Defense Against the Dark Arts Books.
  • Earn 50 Gold.
  • Spell Energy rewards!
  • Various other rewards including Ingredients, Potions, Silver Keys, and more from both regular tasks and bonus tasks.

How to Prepare for the Brilliant Event

Most Wizards Unite events will be easier in general if you work on your SOS Training. Unlock as many of these nodes as you can!

With a stronger Baruffio’s Brain Elixir, you can earn Wizarding XP more quickly.

With reduced brewing times for Exstimulo Potions and Healing Potions, you can do Master Notes on Potions more quickly.

With more Traces revealed by Tonic for Trace Detection, you can more quickly find Brilliant Traces to complete tasks.

Location Node Effect
CE I,8 Brainiac Reduces brewing time for Baruffio’s Brain Elixir
CE I,9 Nail Mail Reduces brewing time for Baruffio’s Brain Elixir
CE II,15 Caps Off Reduces brewing time for Baruffio’s Brain Elixir
CE I,8 Dry and Bitter Reduces brewing time for Exstimulo Potion
CE I,9 Drop for Drop Reduces brewing time for Exstimulo Potion
CE II,40 Mane Event Reduces brewing time for Exstimulo Potion
CE I,8 Magical Maladies Reduces brewing time for Healing Potion
CE I,10 Ditty for Dittany Reduces brewing time for Healing Potion
CE I,7 A Wing and a Flare Adds 5 minutes to Baruffio’s Brain Elixir
CE II,19 Temp Work Adds 5 minutes to Baruffio’s Brain Elixir
CE II,22 Bottoms Up Adds 5 minutes to Baruffio’s Brain Elixir
CE I,6 Start a Movement Increases Baruffio’s Brain Elixir efficacy
CE I,10 Sous Vide Increases Baruffio’s Brain Elixir efficacy
CE II,17 Clear Your Mind Increases Baruffio’s Brain Elixir efficacy
CE I,7 Stir Crazy Increases Traces revealed by Tonic for Trace Detection
CE II,25 Concentrated Concoction Increases Traces revealed by Tonic for Trace Detection
CE III,38 Trained For This Increases Traces revealed by Tonic for Trace Detection

Brilliant Event Tasks

To complete the first set of tasks quickly, make sure you wait until the Brilliant Event begins to use Master Notes on whatever Potion you have in your cauldron. If possible, time it so the Potion will be finished as soon as you use Master Notes. That way you can do so again on your next Potion and complete the task!

To prepare for the third set of tasks, do not visit the Brilliant Registry Page until you reach that step! Also, stop returning Brilliant Foundables once you reach 19 of either. Once you reach 20, you’re automatically taken to the Brilliant Registry Page, which you do not want. If you forget, you can force close the app to avoid collecting any Brilliant Runestones.

If you want to place Images quickly in the Bonus Assignment, do not place any Images until you reach that step.

Creature Discomforts Quest 1/4

As already mentioned, make sure you have not used Master Notes on whatever Potion you have in your Cauldron when the event begins. Use a Tonic for Trace Detection to find enough Brilliant Traces.

Collect Ingredients or Portmanteaus 3 Times from the Map 2 Re’em Blood
Use Master Notes 2 Times 2 Abraxan Hair
Return 12 Brilliant Baby Mooncalf Foundables 1 Wit-Sharpening Potion

1st Quest Rewards

  • 550 Wizarding XP
  • 2 Restricted Section Books
  • 50 Brilliant Family XP
  • 10 Spell Energy

Creature Discomforts Quest 2/4

As with the first set of tasks, use a Tonic for Trace Detection to boost the Foundables you need and to give you many chances to cast spells. Because the Adult Three-Headed Dog is an Oddity, those spells are not ranked as “good” and will not count toward that task.

Defeat 1 Adult Three-Headed Dog 4 Runespoor Eggs
Cast 20 Good Spells (or Higher) 1 Exstimulo Potion
Return 12 Brilliant Baby Three-Headed Dog Foundables 6 Snowdrop

2nd Quest Rewards

  • 750 Wizarding XP
  • 75 Brilliant Family XP
  • 3 Restricted Section Books
  • 10 Spell Energy

Creature Discomforts Quest 3/4

Drink a Baruffio’s Brain Elixir to earn Wizarding XP more quickly.

To collect Brilliant Creature Discomfort Runestones, visit the Brilliant Registry Page. Each time you level up, you collect a Runestone. To collect 5 of these quickly, do NOT visit the Brilliant Registry Page until you reach this step.

Hop on the Knight Bus. Ruins V to Tower II usually give you 3-4 Foes, so you can knock those out fairly quickly.

Earn 7000 Wizarding XP from Traces 1 Strong Exstimulo Potion
Collect 5 Brilliant Creature Discomfort Runestones 3 Leaping Toadstool
Defeat 15 Foes in Wizarding Challenges 1 Silver Key

3rd Quest Rewards

  • 1250 Wizarding XP
  • 75 Brilliant Family XP
  • 5 Restricted Section Books
  • 10 Spell Energy

Creature Discomforts Quest 4/4

To find more Adult Mooncalf Foundables, use a Trace Charm on one so it will multiply.

Drink a Baruffio’s Brain Elixir and hop on the Knight Bus to earn Wizarding XP. Use Brilliant Runestones.

Return 5 Adult Mooncalf Foundables 1 Spell Book
Earn 7500 Wizarding XP from Challenges 1 Spell Book
Collect 3 Brilliant Hagrid’s Wooden Flute Fragments by Using Brilliant Creature Discomforts Runestones 1 Spell Book

4th Quest Rewards

  • 5 Restricted Section Books
  • 50 Gold
  • 5 Defense Against the Dark Arts Books
  • 30 Spell Energy
  • 1 Brilliant Baby Acromantula Registry Image

Creature Discomforts BONUS Assignment!

To place 5 Images quickly, do not place anything until you reach this step. You will already have Brilliant Hagrid’s Wooden Flute and Brilliant Baby Acromantula ready to place after finishing the 4th quest. Brilliant Baby Mooncalf and Brilliant Baby Three-Headed Dog shoudl be ready to place too.

To earn 12,500 Wizarding XP quickly, once again, drink a Brain Elixir. Use your Trace Charm on every red beam (Severe and Emergency Traces). If you can visit an Inn safely, stack Dark Detectors to attract a greater amount of high-threat Traces. Wait until you’re on the Bonus Assignment to open 20 Gifts, prioritizing any Extravagant Gifts and others with high Wizarding XP. Honestly, I can get the 12,500 Wizarding XP with a Brain Elixir and just a handful of Extravagant Gifts.

Hop on the Knight Bus to find people for Forest Chambers.

Place 5 Images on Creature Discomforts Page 1 Baruffio’s Brain Elixir
Win Forest Chamber IV (or higher) 2 Times 1 Silver Key
Earn 12,500 Wizarding XP 1 Spell Book
Use Any 15 Potions 10 Spell Energy
Defeat 2 Adult Three-Headed Dogs 1 Potent Exstimulo Potion

Bonus Assignment Rewards

  • 2000 Wizarding XP
  • 100 Brilliant Family XP
  • 5 Defense Against the Dark Arts Books
  • 1 Brilliant Achievement Badge
  • 20 Spell Energy
  • 5 Brilliant Bottle of Acromantula Venom Registry Images

Brilliant Foundables and Where to Find Them

Just like previous Brilliant Events, you will only be able to encounter some of these Brilliant Foundables in the wild. The others are available as rewards for doing Wizarding Challenges with Brilliant Runestones and unlocking Brilliant Portkeys.

If you complete the Bonus Assignment, you do NOT need to unlock any Brilliant Portkeys.

Brilliant Where to Find it Fragments to Collect
Brilliant Baby MooncalfBrilliant Baby Mooncalf Wild Encounter 20
Brilliant Baby Three-Headed DogBrilliant Baby Three-Headed Dog Wild Encounter 20
Brilliant Bottle of Acromantula VenomBrilliant Bottle of Acromantula Venom Brilliant Portkey Portmanteau 5
Brilliant Hagrid's Wooden FluteBrilliant Hagrid’s Wooden Flute Wizarding Challenges (use an event Runestone) 3
Brilliant Baby AcromantulaBrilliant Baby Acromantula Brilliant Event Quest Reward 1

Tips to Complete the Brilliant Event

If this is your first Brilliant Event, these tips will help you complete the Brilliant Event before the time runs out. With careful planning, you can complete the Bonus Assignment as well!

  • If you are below level 20 in Wizards Unite, you might want to use Exstimulo Potions on the Brilliant Foundables. Otherwise they will use a lot of Spell Energy to return, because they resist.
  • As a reminder, Part 1 Portkeys will give you Part 1 Rewards anytime you open them, even if you wait to open them during Part 2. Brilliant Portkeys will glow purple on the Map. Be sure to pick up 5 Brilliant Portkeys during the Brilliant Event, even if you don’t open them all during the event.
  • If you are nervous about finding time to walk the Brilliant Portkeys, you can also earn the necessary Foundable Fragments by completing the Bonus Assignment.
  • To find Brilliant Hagrid’s Wooden Flute, you must do Wizarding Challenges with the specific Brilliant Event Runestones. This is an event task, so wait until that step to work on it. To minimize your usage of Spell Energy, stick with Ruins IV-V Chambers. It might take a few extra Wizarding Challenges to get the 3 Fragments you need, but you’ll be able to do so quickly, without expending too many resources. If you’re low on Runestones, try Tower I-II Chambers to improve your odds of earning the required Fragments.
  • If you decide to visit Inns, Fortresses, or Greenhouses during this event, continue to practice social distancing. Check out our previous article on staying safe while playing Wizards Unite.
  • Save your Scrolls and your Restricted Section Books until the end of the event. Then use our guide to spend them wisely! That said, most Aurors and Magizoologists have already earned all the necessary Restricted Section Books, and many Professors have also done so. At this point, you can invest your resources in Advanced Adversarial Combat, you can start working on a second profession, or you can invest in SOS Training. That is a personal decision, so good luck!

Brilliant Event Bundles

There are 4 bundles total that will be available during this event. Be sure to snag the Free Bundle as soon as the event starts! The Bonus Bundle will not be available until the Bonus Assignment is unlocked, so keep that in mind.

First up, the SOS Bundle! This bundle keeps appearing in Brilliant Events: 5 Silver Keys and 100 Spell Energy for 450 Gold. I’m going to use the same math because it hasn’t changed either.

You can buy 10 Silver Keys for 720 Gold, making the individual value of each Silver Key 72 Gold. 5 Silver Keys are thus worth 360 Gold. If you only need Silver Keys, the SOS Bundle is not a good value.

100 Spell Energy costs 200 Gold, bringing the bundle value up to 560 Gold, a savings of 110 Gold. This bundle is only valuable if you need discounted Spell Energy (which you might after the Adversaries Event).

Next up, the Brilliant Bundle! For 800 Gold, you get:

  • 4 Baruffio’s Brain Elixirs
  • 7 Strong Exstimulo Potions
  • 4 Tonics for Trace Detection
  • 30 Spell Energy

A single Baruffio’s Brain Elixir costs 100 Gold in Diagon Alley. However, if you just need to buy the rare Ingredients, it’s a better deal to spend 20 Gold for 1 Dragon Claw and 12 Gold for 2 Toadstools, use Master Notes in the Cauldron, and then collect the Potion immediately for 62 Gold. So let’s put the value of Brain Elixirs at 94 Gold.

Thus 4 Brain Elixirs are worth 376 Gold.

A single Tonic for Trace Detection in Diagon Alley costs 60 Gold. However, you can also buy 4 for 220 Gold, so the individual value is 55 Gold.

Thus 4 Tonics are worth 220 Gold.

Because the Ingredients needed to brew regular or Strong Exstimulo Potions are fairly common, it is typically not a good value to purchase them in Diagon Alley. For those who want to know the math, it’s 3 Gold each per Snowdrop, Bitterroot, and Re’em Blood, plus 12 Gold for Abraxan Hair, so 36 Gold per Strong Exstimulo Potion.

Thus 7 Strong Potions are worth 252 Gold.

Finally, the Spell Energy is worth 60 Gold.

The total value of the bundle is 908 Gold, a savings of 108 Gold. You may decide this is a smart purchase for you if you are low on Ingredients for the Potions or they are particularly rare where you live.

Finally, the Bonus Assignment Bundle! For 2100 Gold, you get:

  • 10 Exstimulo Potions
  • 10 Potent Exstimulo Potions
  • 6 Tonics for Trace Detection
  • 10 Silver Keys
  • 150 Spell Energy

Regular Exstimulo Potions cost 25 Gold in Diagon Alley, though the ingredients to brew them are extremely common making it cheaper to brew than buy. Looking at the breakdown, it’s 3 Gold per Snowdrop, Bitterroot, Re’em Blood, and Granian Hair, so 12 Gold per Exstimulo Potion.

Thus 10 Exstimulo Potions are worth 120 Gold.

A single Potent Exstimulo Potion in Diagon Alley costs 75 Gold. However, if you have all of the common Ingredients, it’s a better deal to buy 1 Unicorn Hair for 30 Gold, use Master Notes in the Cauldron, and then collect the Potion immediately for 41 Gold. So let’s put the value of Potent Exstimulo Potions at 71 Gold.

Thus 10 Potent Potions are worth 710 Gold.

10 Silver Keys cost 720 Gold.

6 Tonics are worth 330 Gold.

Before Spell Energy, this bundle is worth 1880 Gold, not quite the price tag. However, if you’re a rural player with limited resources at home, this bundle might help you replenish your Potions and Spell Energy.

Final Brilliant Event Notes

Reminder! This Brilliant Event will run Monday to Monday. We do not know if this will be a permanent calendar change or not, so keep an eye on future announcements.

Connect with me and the rest of the WizHub team here in the comments or on our social media platforms. We read all comments, even if we don’t respond to all of them. We also pass on general opinions to the official HPWU team, so let your thoughts be known!

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5 months ago

Noticed today that the number of friends you can have increased from 200 to 400.

Laurel Hance
Laurel Hance
5 months ago

It finally occurred to me during the last event that I could get a leg up on the “collect 5 runestones” task using round 1 of the brilliant event. There’s always 2 parts of the same brilliant event spaced by a few weeks. The final reward of the first brilliant event is always more brilliant xp and some images to prestige the page. If you can manage to NOT touch that red dot on the registry page and collect everything until task 3 of part 2 of the brilliant event, then that will help. And waiting to place that final… Read more »

Katy Crocker
Katy Crocker
5 months ago

Something feels wrong about the boosted foundables. For about a year I have been seeing Three-Headed Dogs and not a single Horned Serpent. Since the event started it is the other way around, Serpents all over, but little to no Dogs. The Mooncalfes aren’t that much better. After using 2 Tonics and waiting over a day, I’m still at 3/5 for them on Task page 4.
This isn’t much fun anymore.

Colleen Zahrt
Colleen Zahrt
5 months ago

I completed the bonus assignment but didn’t receive the “Brilliant Achievement Badge.” I received all the other rewards, just not the badge. Anyone have an idea on why that might be?