August 2020 Wizards Unite Community Day


Attention, witches and wizards! It’s time to start prepping for another Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Community Day! This will center around Wizarding Challenges. In fact, the August 2020 Wizards Unite Community Day is almost identical to the event held back in May.

This Wizards Unite guide includes lessons learned from the May event.


I’ve covered everything in a video. You can also keep reading for the Community Day details, tips, and tricks!

Wizards Unite August Community Day
Date Saturday, August 8, 2020
  • 12:01am to 11:59pm Local Time
  • Special Assignments focused on Wizarding Challenges of increasing difficulty, with rewards including Spellbooks, Scrolls, high-level Runestones, and Gold
  • Wizarding Challenges will reward Spell Energy as well as increased Challenge XP
  • All Spell Energy on the Map will give out 5 Spell Energy
  • Guaranteed Exploration Foundable Fragments when using any Runestone in Forest Chamber IV and above in Wizarding Challenges. (These are the Foundables in the Exploration Registry pages.)
Free Store Pack
  • 25 Spell Energy
  • 5 Level 1 Mysterious Artefacts Runestones
  • 6 Snowdrop Potion Ingredients
  • 4 Bitter Root

August Community Day Tasks

The set of tasks for August Community Day are all focused around completing Wizarding Challenges at different Chamber levels. In fact, the tasks are IDENTICAL to the tasks we saw back in May.

You need to finish each set of tasks to move on to the next set. You will slowly work your way up through the different Fortress Chambers until ultimately, you finish a Wizarding Challenge in Dark V.

Local Fortresses will also count toward your quest step completion! You might want to do this if you’re worried about teaming up with inexperienced players in the Knight Bus.  Remember to follow all local laws and practice social distancing.

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Community Day Tasks and Rewards (Part 1)
Complete Ruins Chamber II 1 Level 2 Legends of Hogwarts Runestone
Complete Ruins Chamber III 1 Level 2 Mysterious Artefacts Runestone
Complete Ruins Chamber IV 1 Level 2 Wonders of the Wizarding World Runestone

1st Quest Rewards: 

  • 5 Scrolls
  • 10 Spell Energy
  • 2 Lovage
Community Day Tasks and Rewards (Part 2)
Complete Tower Chamber I 1 Level 3 Oddities Runestone
Complete Tower Chamber III 1 Level 3 Dark Arts Runestone
Complete Tower Chamber V 1 Level 3 Ministry of Magic Runestone

2nd Quest Rewards: 

  • 15 Scrolls
  • 15 Energy
  • 2 Sneezewort
Community Day Tasks and Rewards (Part 3)
Complete Forest Chamber II 1 Level 4 Care of Magical Creatures Runestone
Complete Forest Chamber IV 1 Level 4 Magizoology Runestone
Complete Dark Chamber I 1 Level 4 Legends of Hogwarts Runestone

3rd Quest Rewards: 

  • 5 Spell Books
  • 20 Spell Energy
  • 4 Ginger Root
Community Day Tasks and Rewards (Part 4)
Complete Dark Chamber III 2 Level 5 Magical Games & Sports Runestones
Complete Dark Chamber IV 2 Level 5 Hogwarts School Runestones
Complete Dark Chamber V 1 Potent Exstimulo

4th Quest Rewards: 

  • 100 Gold
  • 5 Ministry Manuals
  • 30 Field Guides
  • 25 Spell Energy
  • 2 Leaping Toadstool

How to Prepare for August Community Day

This is the second Fortress-based Community Day we’ve seen in Wizards Unite since the arrival of the Knight Bus. That gives players the opportunity to learn from our past mistakes.

The May Community Day was VERY hit or miss in terms of player popularity. Many players experienced connection issues. High-level players were frustrated doing Wizarding Challenges with low-level players. Low-level players didn’t feel like they could complete all the tasks.

These problems could absolutely happen again with the August Wizards Unite Community Day.

If you are a high-level player, I encourage you to complete your tasks either at a local Fortress or in a coordinated Knight Bus.

If you are a low-level player, please read through all of this advice to improve your Fortress skills! You can absolutely be a great teammate in a Dark Chamber without having a maxed-out Profession. It’s just a matter of understanding your Profession and using your resources wisely.

Fortresses 101

If you’re nervous about being a good teammate in the Dark Chambers, take the time to learn everything you can about doing Wizarding Challenges with a team.

First of all, go through the Fortresses tag here on Wizards Unite Hub. Our writers have covered Wizarding Challenges from a variety of angles, so you’re sure to find helpful content, no matter your experience.

Second of all, learn how to be a better teammate! This video breaks down advice that applies to all players, regardless of Profession. There are timestamps in the description so you can skip ahead to the advice that is most helpful to you.

This playlist has some great tutorials from different Wizards Unite players, all about Wizarding Challenges. You can find videos based on Profession, videos that break down the basics of Wizarding Challenges, and videos with analyses of Wizarding Challenges.


When it comes to using Potions in Wizarding Challenges, each Profession has a different approach.

All players should stock up on Exstimulo Potions of all types, Wit-Sharpening Potions, and Healing Potions.

Exstimulo Potions will help you hit harder. If you’re a lower-level player, this can help balance out your abilities in Wizarding Challenges.

Wit-Sharpening Potions work against Elite Foes. These are great for the Forest Chambers if you’re playing without all 3 Professions, and you need to take out an Elite Foe that is neutral for you. You can also use a Wit-Sharpening Potion in Dark Chambers against an Elite Foe that is proficient for you, but you should still wait until Proficiency and Bravery are both cast. The extra power can help lower-level players compensate.

Healing Potions are handy if you’re playing without a Magizoologist. (Although in a Dark Chamber, you should put together a balanced team). They are also helpful for lower-level players who haven’t built up their stamina yet.

Professors and Magizoologists want to have a few Strong Invigoration Draughts handy to cast their Strategic Spells quickly. This is also helpful for lower-level Aurors to have more Focus to pass.

August Community Day Bundles

Here are the bundles you can expect to see in Diagon Alley for this Community Day! I will break down the value of these in a day or two. Off the top of my head, though, they aren’t a good deal because most of the Potions don’t have rare Ingredients.

Tips for Enjoying August’s Community Day

By now most high-level players know how to coordinate Knight Bus rides with friends. If not, it’s really simple, if time-consuming. You need to be in-game friends for this to work.

  1. Board the Knight Bus and enter a low Chamber (Ruins II-V) with an old Brilliant Runestone (this way you do not waste important Runestones if you accidentally join the Wizarding Challenge).
  2. Have your friends look for the yellow Friend medallion or “beacon” in the Fortress.
  3. If they do not see your beacon, they leave the Knight Bus!
  4. Your friend continues this process until they see your beacon.
  5. Once they find you, choose a Chamber to enter together!
  6. As long as you and your friend stay on the bus, you can continue to play Chambers together!

If you’re in an area where you can walk safely, set aside a few hours to go outside and walk while playing Wizards Unite. Carry an extra battery pack or two, plus charging cables. Need a new battery pack? I’ve put together a list of the top-rated options on Amazon!

The WUtubers will hopefully do a livestream. This will also be an opportunity for us to help any lower-level players successfully complete Wizarding Challenges in Dark Chambers. Stay tuned for more information!

I hope this Wizards Unite Community Day guide has been helpful! Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see in future guides.

Do you have any tips for fellow witches and wizards to enjoy Community Day at home? Share them in the comments or through our social media platforms!

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Melissa Oswald
Melissa Oswald(@melissaoswald)
1 year ago

Do you know if the profession appraisal/ranking numbers are going to be fixed by Community Day? Mine is still fluctuating every day.

Jon Silvertooth
Jon Silvertooth(@jonsilvertooth1)
1 year ago

No DADA books? That’s disappointing.

Rod Huebner
Rod Huebner(@rodhuebner)
1 year ago

Are you sure that we will be able to do this in a local fortress? They said the same thing last time but local fortresses did not work only the Knight Bus.