This article is discusses how to level up friendship in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. Throughout the main series, friendship was an essential element.The severity of the bond between characters increased as the years passed by, especially that of Harry, Ron and Hermione. So great was their bond, that they even went on a life-threatening hunt for horcruxes.

The game has options to level up our friendship with other characters as we progress through the game. Let us discuss the ways in which we can achieve this objective.

There are four ways, out of which only three are accessible to everyone. The fourth has its own restrictions, which we will be discussing as the article progresses. The method for doing all these missions are essentially the same.

1. Handshake Missions

These are the core missions and they are compulsory. They are unlocked as one progresses through the story arc. You have to meet the said character at a particular place (mostly the Great Hall) and then increase your friendship levels.

2. Playing Gobstone

This is an optional mission. We have to enter the courtyard, and then we are given the freedom to choose the friend with whom we have to increase the bond of friendship. As the mission progresses, we appear to be playing the magical version of checkers. The mission has a cooldown time of 16 hours.

3. Meal With A Friend

This is an optional mission. We have to enter the Great Hall and then we are given the freedom of choice as above. We appear to be having a meal as we progress through the mission. The mission has a cooldown of 10 hours.

4. Drink Butterbeer with a Friend

This is an optional mission, but is exclusive to 3rd year students (as of now).You have to unlock Barnaby Lee as your friend and be able to visit Hogsmeade (both of which are possible only from the 3rd year). You have the freedom of choice as the above two. Cooldown time remains same as above — 10 hours.

Prefer a video instead??? Follow the link to see the gameplay.

Game Mechanics

The game presents you with a pop quiz, with 3 answer options. The number of question varies as per the mission, where it is presented. There is a Friendship/Confidence meter to measure the level of rise in friendship (shown at the top of the screen)

Out of the three answers, there is always the following:

  • an excellent one,
  • a good one and
  • a terrible one.

The first two add points to the meter, while the third reduces points. You may (almost certainly) receive points for the high level of a particular attribute of your character (courage, empathy and knowledge).

These mechanics remains the same, regardless of mission you are participating in.

Tips and Strategies

  • The higher the number of stars you score in a quest,the greater is the the rise in  friendship level. Each extra star gives you almost double the amount of friendship xp ,than what the previous one would . Mission with longer cool down times rewards a lot more xp than those with short cooldowns.So Gobstones is the go to mission for large friendship increases!
  • Play a mission only if you have higher attributes level than the minimum requirement mentioned ,else you won’t get the bonus rewards for higher attributes and that could significantly affect the outcome of the mission.
  • In case you fail to get even a single star,you can always try again;but it is going to cost you some gold!!

Use in the meta game

Wizards Unite owl

As of know the level of friendship is useful only when you are choosing friends for a quest. The update hints of a feature “furry friends”. We can expect friendship to become a key aspect of the game as it progresses.

I could speculate that there could be specific quests that are unlockable only after reaching a particular level in friendship.

Each update and each passing year (in story), would only increase the relevance of a high friendship bond with each character!