House Pride in Hogwarts Mystery

There are, at the moment when this article is written, four kinds of events that you will encounter in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. These events are:

  • Crest Events
  • House Pride Events
  • Dueling Events
  • Full Marks Events

This article will give you our best tips and tricks on how to finish the House Pride Events with as much pride as you can.

Hogwarts Mystery House Pride Event Overview

The goal in the House Pride Events is to gain as many House Points as possible, for yourself and for your team.

These events are part competition and part solo. In the solo part, you earn certain rewards after a certain number of House Points gained. In the competition part, your entire team will earn a reward based on where you place in relation to teams from other houses at the time the Event ends. Note that your team will only earn one of the prizes, depending on if it ends up in first, second, third or fourth place.

You will be placed into your team, which consists of other players from your own house, when you have earned a certain number of House Points.

I love this style, so I want to win all the furniture. I need 95 House Points, and then as many as possible to put my team in first place for the last piece.

House Pride Tactics

As with any Event, the first thing to do is take a moment to look at the rewards and decide which ones you want. If you don’t need the last reward on the individual board, there is no point in trying to get it, unless you very much want the First Prize in the team part. But if you are looking at the team part, and realize that you would rather have the second prize, which is usually Energy, there is a reason to not put too much effort into the Event.

Remember, you will only win one of these team prizes, so if your team comes in first, you get the first prize, and nothing else.

If we had ended like this, I would have only gained the 500 Coins Ravenclaw had earned at the time, Hufflepuff would have only won the outfit, Slytherin only the 20 Energy, and so on.

If it looks like no one else in your team is contributing, but you really want that first prize, do not panic, because you still have a chance. If you come in first in your team, you will still win the first prize.

One tactic, that can be dangerous, is to try to be placed into a team as late as possible. The teams fill up in order, so when you have earned enough points to join a team, you will be placed in one that consists of players who earned enough points at roughly the same time as you. The same holds true for the other teams. This means that if you are placed in a team late, there is a chance that everyone in both your own and rival teams, are casual players who will not even try for the first prize. That said, as mentioned before, this tactic comes with its drawbacks. The later you start earning your points, the fewer of the solo prizes will you have time to get to. Also, there is no guarantee that all teams you compete against have very low points. Some of them might consist of one or more players who have played consistently and racked up a lot of points before their team was filled up. Therefore, this tactic is not necessarily recommended, but available if you want to take the chance.

How to Earn House Points

Whichever tactic you go with, your goal is to earn House Points. Here are the best ways of doing that.

Take classes

The easiest way to earn House Points is to take classes. The 8 hour classes are recommended for these events as they earn you more House Points per Energy spent than either of the shorter ones. If you can’t do 8 hour classes, do 1 hour ones instead. The regular 3 hour classes are not recommended. However, the 3 hour 5 star classes that teaches you a new spell (as part of the main storyline) are excellent classes to take to earn House Points.

Learning a new Spell or Flying Maneuver is a great way to also earn a bunch of House Points.

Play Quidditch

If you have the Coin to spare, Quidditch is another excellent way to earn House Points. Each Quidditch friendly that you win earns you 3 house points. If you manage to play a Perfect Match, you get 4 hours Points.

Playing the Quidditch Side Quest also earns you points simply by doing the tasks, and you earn either more or the same amount of House Points for these tasks compared to the same length in Classes, so they are a good option.

As long as you win the Quidditch Friendly, you will get 3 House Points for the Event.

Storyline options

It is normally not advised to play the storyline during these Events, but if you do, make sure to pick the right answers to questions posed to you by the other characters. House Points that you gain from the storyline do count towards the Event total. If you make a bad choice and Points are taken from you, do not panic. Points are not taken away from your Event total.

Conserve your Energy

Since you are mostly doing Classes in this Event, there is little you can do to conserve your energy. You want to finish all the Classes you start, and not just get the first star to pass the class, and then let the timer run out. Doing this will still earn you some House Points, but in the long run, finishing each class is always the better option. That said, if you find yourself with only half an Energy bar when you are about to go to bed in the evening, starting a 1 hour class and finishing the first star does still earn you a House Point that you can collect in the morning.

Other than that, try to get to the Free Energy Locations as soon as they reset, perhaps level up some Creatures in the Magical Creatures Reserve, or a Friendship or two if you are really motivated to win.

I hope this guide helps you, and I wish you good luck with the Event!

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