How Much Does It Cost to Play Wizards Unite?

Wizards Unite Daily Rewards

Fellow Witches and Wizards, now that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is finally out globally, we want to dive into some monetary aspects of the game thus far. If you’re incorporating a casual play style, then you might not notice some of these issues that are mentioned below. However, if you’re someone who’s trying to grind out XP, you may feel like the game is pretty expensive.


Before we jump into the discussion, understand that Niantic and Warner Bros. do want to make money from their game. That’s normal and expected! However, the question is whether or not you can progress reasonably through the game without spending money. Also, if you want to grind XP quickly, can you do so without spending much money.

Let’s discuss, shall we?

Brewing Potions and Growing Ingtedients

It’s no secret here that brewing potions can be super expensive, especially when you can only make one potion at a time. For those of you that are grinding out Fortresses, this can be extremely frustrating and we totally understand that. To make up for it, the devs have a second cauldron that you can rent for gold, in which you can stack up to 4 potions. That being said, the brewing time for most potions take a really long time. For that reason, the devs have included Master Notes for potions, which reduce the brewing time by 15%. While this is fine for the casual player, anyone looking to grind some higher level Fortresses will still need to use gold to complete their potions early, or just buy them from the in-game shop.

Secondly, the seeds and water inventory fills up extremely quickly. The game almost forces you to buy more space right from the beginning in order to keep playing without deleting your inventory every half an hour or so of walking. It’s not even really a matter of being smart about what you collect; it just fills up quickly with the amount of water you need to collect in order to grow ingredients in a Greenhouse. Unfortunately, the Greenhouse system gets worse.

Wizards Unite is meant to be an exploration game, however ingredients take so long to grow. In order to collect your ingredient, you have to return to the Greenhouse in which you planted it. This means that if you’re on vacation, or far away from home, then it’s useless to try to plant an ingredient that takes more than a few hours to grow. Certainly you can still plant something for the community, but if you can’t return to the Greenhouse at the right time, then you can’t collect your ingredient.

Spell Energy and Energy Space

The game devs have recently made increases to Spell Energy resources by increasing the amount that you get from Inns and Greenhouses. That said, players from all over still have big issues with the amount of spell energy you receive in relation to the amount of spell energy you use.

Spell Energy is used for every aspect in the game from facing Oddities, collecting Foundables, and battling Fortresses. Again, for the casual player, this is no big deal; however for the XP grinders, this means that you’ll always be running out of spell energy.

If you’re just collecting Foundables, you’ll probably hit enough Inns to keep your energy up. However when you start to do group Fortresses at higher levels, then you’ll have to go collect spell energy after just a few Fortress battles. The only way to avoid this is by paying gold to upgrade your Spell Energy capacity.

An interesting solution could be to incorporate a spell for the support class (Magizoologist) to restore spell energy to teammates during Fortresses by spending Focus. That’s a free idea to any game devs reading this!

Multi-Level Dark Detectors

Dark Detectors work in a very interesting way. You apply a Dark Detector on an Inn, and that attracts traces to that Inn for 30 minutes. This is indeed a fast way to get XP. However, it can get expensive, and expensive very quickly if you’re trying to attract rare Foundables.

You can place up to a total of three Dark Detectors per Inn. The amount placed on an Inn determines the rarity of the Foundables that are attracted to the Inn.

That said, routinely placing three Dark Detectors per Inn is just not feasible in any way without spending loads of money on the game. You do get Dark Detectors from leveling up, as well as periodically throughout the month for daily log-in bonuses, but this just doesn’t make up for how much you need to spend in order to grind out Foundables.

Playing with other witches and wizards can help alleviate this problem since Dark Detectors attract Foundables for all players.

Ingredients Space

Walking around for an hour will fill your ingredients storage up completely. Whether you’re a casual player or a hardcore player, we both have this in common. While potions list which ingredients they need to brew, most players will pick up every single ingredient on the map that pops up. This is nearly unavoidable.

With that being said, if you’re full on ingredients space and you happen to open a Portkey and get ingredients as a reward, then you might find out that you just wasted a Portkey and possibly very rare ingredients from your Portkey. It’ll show you which ingredients you got as well as give you the option to buy more ingredients space for gold, however it will not give you the option to clean out your ingredients inventory.

Always remember to clear out your ingredients space before opening a Portkey.

Where Are The Bundles?

Currently, there are only vault upgrades, along with occasional time-limited bundles. A vault upgrade increases your potions space, ingredients space, and spell energy capacity. It does not upgrade your Seeds and Water storage. There are also some potion bundles that you can purchase as well.

Some players have seen some time-limited bundles, like the one tweeted out below. However, not all players have these bundles in their stores. They’re also limited in quantity. You can only buy one bundle, not multiple identical bundles.

Hopefully this is just early testing of what players will and will not buy. Maybe later the game will offer a regular rotation of bundles just like Pokémon GO offers different boxes of items.

Parting Notes

While Wizards Unite does give out a lot of items for daily rewards, missions, achievements, and log-in bonuses, it does not make up for how expensive it is to actually play the game as a hardcore player. If you’re a casual player, and don’t mind progressing slowly, then currently, this is the game for you. We can only hope that Warner Bros. and Niantic will rebalance some of the game resources to make XP grinding more affordable for intense players.

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