How to Find a Group for Community Day!

Wizards Unite Influencers in Los Angeles
Wizards Unite Influencers in Los Angeles

The next Community Day for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is just around the corner. If you haven’t already, check out our extensive guide to the August 2019 Community Day.

The best part of Community Day is the community, but where can you find a local community? Here are a few ways to find witches and wizards in your area for Community Day!


The Official Wizards Unite Community Map

The official Harry Potter: Wizards Unite website includes a community section with announcements from the team and forums for players. It now includes a community map!

Players can share both local communities and local events. You can also search the map to see if a local group or local event already exists.

This is a great way to find other Wizards Unite players in your town.

Want to submit your own group or event? These guidelines explain how to do it properly so your submission is added to the map and other players can find you.

Accio Wizards Unite Community Map

If you don’t have any luck finding other Wizards Unite players through the official community map, check out the crowd-sourced map on Accio Wizards Unite.

While there’s not a search function, you can find your area on the map, zoom in, and find a link to the local community.

If you run your own local Wizards Unite group, you can also submit it to Accio Wizards Unite.

Wizards GO App Task Force

Wizards GO App also has an area for players to submit local communities. Use their search function to find a Wizards Unite community near your city/state or zip code.

Try a Pokémon GO Community

If you don’t have any luck finding a Wizards Unite community, see if any local Pokémon GO players are also playing Wizards Unite. Some PoGo Discords have added Wizards Unite channels for players interested in both games.

Play at a Sponsored Location

Game sponsors vary by country. In the United States, Simon Malls and AT&T Stores have sponsored Wizards Unite locations. Especially for Community Day, gathering at a sponsored Fortress increases your odds of running into other Wizards Unite players.

I hope this article helps you find other witches and wizards wherever you live!

Where will you be on Community Day?

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1 year ago

Why is there no map of the WU world, such as Ingress intel? There exist no technical obstacles, so why not let us check where to look for a fortress when we’re on vacation? Or where to find a specific thematic area in your city?