August Community Day Review


Harry Potter: Wizards Unite had its second Community Day on Saturday, August 10, 2019. It was focused around the Fortresses, rather than the Foundables. Wizarding Challenge rewards were increased, a bonus greatly appreciated by the magical community.

The free perks such as the free Runestones, Spell Energy, and Silver Keys were a great deal, which I’ll elaborate on further in this post.


I honestly feel like Niantic did a great deal in improving the Community Day experience compared to the previous one. This event was primarily focused on the dueling aspect of the game.

We all love the Community Days, don’t we? Such a great opportunity for the player base to gather and have a lot of fun, TOGETHER. For some of us it turned out to be a great, with boosted Challenge XP and a lot of Fortress battles, but for others, it wasn’t so great.

This Community Day had both positives and negatives. However, it was better than the first Community Day since the positives balanced out the negatives.

Read my previous Community Day review for a comparison.

Want to see a video recap? Our editor-in-chief put together a brief video of her Community Day experiences.

Community Day Positives

The game’s Community Day free store pack was the first positive. There were three free Hogwarts School Runestones, one each of levels 1 to 3, as well as the 50 free Spell Energy and 3 Silver Keys.

  • The Inns were giving out boosted amounts of energy. Given the game being super energy intensive, the ease of refilling helped. The players were actually capable of sustaining and playing the game for the whole 3-hour stretch. Almost all Inns were filled with high-energy dishes. They almost guaranteed you with 6 or more Spell Energy, which is double the usual amount you receive per visit.
  • The boosts for defeating sponsored Fortresses also helped, as the player base in cities could rally up and enjoy the perks easily.
  • The event helped the growing community to develop a better bond and actually got us playing the game in group, which is a huge improvement when compared to the previous one.
  • The event’s emphasis was on fortresses and dueling, which was evident in the following ways.
  • The Player XP and Challenge XP gains were boosted, especially when you were playing in groups.
  • Using a Healing Potion in a Wizarding Challenge gave players 50% more of their current Health. So it made each player a bit more tankier, hence needing  lesser revives, thereby improving the overall game play .
  • Frequent spawning of Ingredients used to brew Healing potions appear on the Map as well as reducing brew time by 50% were nice Quality of Life improvements for Community Day.
  • Master Notes for Healing Potions reducing the brew time by 50% and Potions brewed using a Rental Cauldron having their brew times reduced by 33% were the icing on the cake.

It can be said that Niantic and Portkey Games have safely implemented the Community Day factor from Pokémon GO in this attempt. The boosted XP and better item drop rate shave certainly got the crowd gathered. Let’s hope that Niantic and Portkey Games can continue to improve with each passing Community Day.

Community Day Negatives

There were quite a few issues with the game play, but compared to the previous edition, these problems were far fewer.

  • The main issue with the game, was the constant bugging out of fortresses.
    • At times, you just couldn’t enter the lobby, even if you were standing right under it.
    • Bugging out of the lobby after defeating an Foe. Here you would enter the lobby, pledge a Runestone, and then enter the battle. Things goes smoothly until you defeat the first Foe. Then, wham, you are kicked out of the battle and asked to reload the game. And when you reload it, there is no way to re-enter the battle and this causes you to loses the Runestone, Potions, and Spell Energy. (This happened to me a few times, and I lost all my Brilliant Event Runestones.)
    • The lag in loading up the Foes in a particular level was a widespread issue.
  • Over spawning of the common Foundables. Yes, we were surrounded by a sea of Foundables, but most of them were the really common ones. We had to go through an endless clicking routine to find out something of worth, just like the last time. A thing that would definitely be appreciable would be an increased spawn rate for the high rarity Foundables and decreasing the rate for the low ones during the event. This would be more or less like the shiny spawn mechanism in Pokémon GO Community Days. It would also encourage more players to participate.
  • As appreciated as the group play initiatives were, Wizards Unite still doesn’t have the player base that Pokémon GO has. So in a lot of places, there were a complete lack of groups, and these solo players felt left out of the event. A better Community Day would have benefits that appeal to both solo players and groups.
  • Aside from bonus XP, there weren’t any extra rewards for defeating a Fortress chamber. Increasing the drop rate of rare Foundable fragments or having a Community Day exclusive reward would improve the event.
  • The Bugs. Everything from the broken Dark Detectors, which barely load up anything, to the ever present lag, annoyed Wizards Unite gamers.
    • A lot of ghost spawns (where you click on the spawn and it says network error or something because the spawn isn’t actually there) didn’t help!
    • The lag with the animations and all the spawns. The former was too long and for the latter, as after every departure/return, you go back to the over world, and it takes awhile to load everything. This happening at every instance of you going into an Inn, or Greenhouse, or a encounter Foundable was a bit too time consuming and boring.
  • There were issues with the overall timing of the event as a whole. Using just standard time intervals (one for Asia-Pacific; one for Europe, Middle East, Africa, and India; and one for Americas and Greenland) instead of Pokémon GO’s trend of using the local time, aggravated a lot of players.

Public Response to Community Day

The player community on DISCORD & REDDIT had mixed feelings about the event. As each of the three regional Community Days ended, opinions flooded the dedicated subreddits and Discord chats.

Many were able to unlock the higher levels of Fortresses such as the Dark Chambers, thanks to the collective effort!

The added boosts for group play, with the added multipliers, helped people grind a lot of XP. Using the Baruffio’s Brain Elixir, the XP gains skyrocketed, and also helped many players achieve multiple level-ups during the 3-hour window. Players in areas with a strong gaming community thought this Community Day was great.

However, solo players, rural players, and players in areas without a strong player base felt this event excluded them. They couldn’t maximize the XP bonuses without having a group for Fortress Challenges.

General Event Insights

The Community Day event provided us a lot of general insights and showed us the way forward for the future ones. The most valuables ones are:

  • Start each Community Day with full Spell Energy.
  • Play as a team of at least 3 so that you can cover all the professions. The more the merrier, right? Make sure to use the best attackers, and always use the hexes. Use Potions to put your best foot forward. Get a group together and practice Fortress battles before the next Community Day!
  • Play with an active Baruffio’s Brain Elixir throughout the whole event.
  • Try to play in Sponsored locations, and optimize the Spell Energy usage. Always try to stock up as much Spell Energy as you can from the Inns.Never play with less than half your total spell energy , and try to fill up asap.
  • Use the free Spell Energy only when you need it, not at the beginning of the event.
  • Choose your Runestones wisely. Never choose high-level ones if you are in a high-level chamber for the first time. Always remember not to make it too difficult for your team.
  • Stock up your Potions inventory in the following pattern (inventory size: 50)
      1. 15-20 Exstimulo Potions (Strong, Potent)
      2. 10-15 Healing Potions
      3. 15-20 Invigoration Draughts(Strong) & Wit Sharpening Potions
      4. Fill the rest of the spaces as per your profession’s requirements


The second Community Day was better than the first one by leaps and bounds. This time around Community Day lived up to the high standards set by its more famous cousin. This time around, the focus was on the right element for group play, i.e. the Fortresses. Hopefully next time we could get something that could step up the game for solo play too.

Let’s hope that Niantic and Portkey Games continue to improve the game and make it the best augmented-reality game in town!

Hope everyone had a fun event!

Wishing you all the best for the upcoming Brilliant Events.

Please do let me know how your Community Day went by posting your opinions in the comment section!

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Mastermind Menoblack
Mastermind Menoblack
2 years ago

only 1 other player showed up in my neighborhood; I got the feeling most people didn’t think the rewards were worth it (double xp is still low compared to returning stuff). A community day that doesn’t bring the community together is a failure in my book, even if the bonuses aren’t all that bad

Douglas Tillyer
Douglas Tillyer
2 years ago

I agree with the other poster. My son and I found one other to do Fortress battles with. On Pokemon Go community days you see 75-100 players about. On another note we need an increase in spells, constantly looking for spells slows game progress down. Constantly getting 3 spells is a bad joke.

barnabé canaud
barnabé canaud
2 years ago

Nobody showed up in my neighborhood, I made 3 or 4 fortress battle, I didn’t see anything different than usual. When energy goes out, I went back home.

2 years ago

Solo player and I will probably start skipping Community Day as it hardly benefits solo players. Nobody showed up as compared to PoGo CD where roughly 50-75 active players gather around every month.