Wizards Unite: Calamity’s Surge Continues on Their 2nd Anniversary!


Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, another installment of AR universe by developer Niantic, has entered into their 2-year anniversary with the surge of Traces being more powerful than ever before. This unique experience, a J.K.Rowling’s wizarding world vision, definitely brings many of the wizarding charms from the Harry Potter books and movies and the Fantastic Beasts story line into this beautiful AR game.

When the game launched back in 2019, I hardly had any interest in even trying to understand what the game brings to the audience. Back at that time, the only understanding of a proper AR title was from the famous Pokémon Go, the second AR title by Niantic.


But the idea of interacting with the magical wizarding world, and the thought of going back to Hogwarts, definitely made me pick up my wand for my new magical experience. The initial experience is what I cherish the most. The local meet-ups to discuss the game in detail, the choice of lesson plans, the strategy to gain the most experience points, the race to who levels up the fastest in the local community, and much more. Overall, this AR experience is one of the most interesting and the most strategic platforms available.

Unlike the other AR titles, Wizards Unite definitely has an interesting story to tell. The game surrounds around the Calamity’s surge and the response of the Statute of Secrecy Task Force (SOS) in containing the Calamity. This story is told through their monthly Brilliant Events. As their 2-year anniversary unfolds, the surge has continued to rampage the wizarding world, and now Hermione Granger suspects a mole at the Ministry of Magic. Players eagerly anticipate what happens next!

Coming to the anniversary, the celebration is centered around completing a typical task list, which is very much disappointing. Even the story is just a recitation of player statistics, which might interest some, but doesn’t move along the plot with the mole. Although the addition of Emergency-threat Foundables has made the weekend more exciting for players, it’s not quite what players expected for a 2nd anniversary celebration. 

This 2-day event could have been more interesting if they had planned for something new in-game to celebrate. The HPWU team also could have reintroduced older Brilliant Events so that wizards and witches who had missed those previous events could have the opportunity to catch up with the story.

With the Fan Festival cancelled for 2 years now, the wish of the community in having big events similar to Pokémon GO remains unfulfilled.

The effort of Harry and Hermione in uncovering the secrets of the Calamity continues with new details being revealed every now and then. The wizards and witches around the globe are striving hard together in suppressing the surge as much as possible. With the hint of the new family of Foundables being introduced in the coming days, we look forward to giving our best to defend the wizarding world from the imminent threat.

What do you think of the Wizards Unite story so far? Did you enjoy the anniversary event? Share your thoughts in the comments, or connect with the WizHub team on social media!

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