Event Log: February Adversaries Event

Image with Gilderoy Lockhart and Slytherin's Basilisk

Well, here we are. The first February Adversaries (say that five times fast) have come and gone. I think we should all feel good about making it to the other side of this one, whether we completed it or not.

If you did get through all of the tasks in time, congratulations! You’ve added some significant resources to your vaults!


If you did not accomplish the full set of tasks, that’s great too! You’ve got a healthy grasp of game/life balance!

In fact, that’s why Adversaries Events are currently my favorite events in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. In Adversaries Events, the player is really in control of their level of engagement. On the one hand, if you want to spend the weekend taking down each and every Adversary unlucky enough to cross your path, you can do that, and you’ll get a ton of rewards for it. On the other hand, it’s an excellent opportunity to take a break if you feel the need. You can still complete the relevant Registry pages over time, even if you miss the event.

That said, I personally did complete this Event, but it didn’t take much extra effort, and I got some decent resources.

My main complaint this time around is not actually specific to this event, or even to Adversaries Events. Rather, it applies to Wizards Unite events in general, and how they have completely taken over the plot of the game.

Do you remember how the plot used to be given to us? SOS Assignments, which were tasks that were not tied to time-limited Events, gave us Mystery Items to log in their own special section of the Registry, and it was through examining these Items that the story of the London Five began to unfold.

The advantage to having the plot tied to a specific section of the Registry is that a player can go back and re-examine their collected evidence at will, in the game. As far as I know, that is not the case with the dialog boxes that we get through Events.

The part that really sticks in my craw, though, is this:

See, as has been established in earlier editions of the Event Log, I am something of a completionist. So being stuck at 45 Mystery Items and a silver seal is maddening. We clearly need at least 55 additional Items (maybe more, if the gold seal requires more than 100 total), and yet we are stuck.

This isn’t even the only incomplete Achievement. Some of the Achievements we are all currently stuck on involve mastering lessons and completing lesson plans, although progress can (very slowly) be made toward those with the release of new lesson plans.

Another Achievement with no foreseeable possibility of completion requires the casting of 20 distinct spells, even though we currently only have 13. This could be fixed, though, with the possible addition of new Traces, or perhaps by allowing Charms and Strategic Spells to qualify.

Mystery Items, though, require SOS Achievements. And when are those coming?

Minor storyline gripe aside, I enjoyed the most recent Wizards Unite event!

What do you think about the way the plot is delivered? Did you prefer SOS Tasks, or do you like the way the Events handle exposition? Do impossible Achievements bother you too, or do I just need to get over it? Let us know!

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